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Month: March 2019


Today I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Kenneth on passing his PMP. Team Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP congratulates you on your phenomenal achievement. Small daily steps towards a goal produce stellar results. 68th person to pass the PMP in 2019. Once again, Ken congratulations on your PMP Certification.


Change requires self assessment and clear understanding of the desired future state. Change has a huge psychological impact on human mind so if we want to bring change we must prepare ourselves and develop a value system that will help us take those massive steps toward enablement. Process to change is not an event, it...


The intersection of experience, knowledge and expertise is the stage from where true success begins. Learn to gain knowledge that leads to expertise and the expertise there on will lead to visibility and open doors for new opportunities.


At Education Edge Canada, we believe that education should be simpler, easier and faster. Simpler by presenting complex reality in a simplified form, easier by turning learning into an expereince based on real life examples and faster by addressing those areas that are critical to success in the PMP Certification Exam. We take full accountability...


A Life Lesson - Whenever you are at crossroads, a challenging situation or asked a question - Think about the the whole life cycle - Where does it start and where does it end and what must happen in steps to get to the end. Understand the process. By doing this you will mostly be...


Happiness is the ratio of REALITY FROM EXPECTATIONS. When Reality and Expectations lose alignment unhappiness triggers in. Happiness = Reality / Expectations Projects also fail when stakeholders Expectations and the perceptions of value that stakeholders feel they will get from a new process is not met. Stakeholders at times are guilty of presenting requirements as...


Tomorrow as a part of our PMP session at Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP, we will learn all about Schedule planning. The purpose will be to understand not just the best practices in developing a schedule but also the importance of scope and how it maps to schedule planning.


How do we define the level rigor that is desired on a certain project or the approach we must take to execute a project. The best practice for understanding the level of rigor to be applied on a project is to understand the needs of stakeholders and separate the needs from desires also called"nice to...