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Whether you are just starting out in project management or hoping to stand out among your peers, the Capm Certification Course is the choice certification for you. CAPM certification with Education Edge will give you credibility, increased knowledge and effectiveness working with project teams so that you deliver better results and value. Based on the foundational principles of project management and with focus on product development approaches especially Predictive as well as Adaptive, CAPM certification will set you on a path to progression in your project management career.

 It is now generally accepted that PMI’s project management standard is the gold standard in project management. More and more organizations are now aligning their project management practice with the approach documented in the PMBOK Standard. Having the standardized practices in place, organizations are attaining better results with focus on value faster than ever.  Because the CAPM certification recognizes your knowledge of the profession’s globally accepted standard, you’ll stand out to employers and will continue to move forward.

Recent research and trends indicate that the demand for certified CAPM and PMP professionals will remain extremely high and employers around the world will need to fill nearly 2.2 million project management related roles each year through 2027. If you are CAPM Certified, you’ll be one of the first to exploit the opportunity.

CAPM-Certified Associate in Project Management is a PMI certification that is specially designed for ambitious professionals who are keen to begin their career in project management. This entry level PMI certification helps you kick start your career in the world of project management. CAPM validates your professional’s knowledge in processes, terminology and principles found in the PMBOK or the Project Management Body of Knowledge. A CAPM certified professional is extremely credible and valued by PMP certified professionals, peers and project managers.

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    Why get CAPM Certified?

    • CAPM certification gives you credibility and helps you integrate into the new project management economy.
    • You have increased knowledge and the knowledge of the prevailing standard provides you increased visibility.
    • Provides you an opportunity to integrate in any industry with knowledge of universally acceptable standard. 
    • Higher maturity in project management due to knowledge of globally accepted and generally recognized standard.
    • Greater knowledge in project management 
    • Increases sense of accomplishment as you become part of a globally recognized community
    • Higher remuneration. 

    Why choose Education Edge CAPM training provider?

    CAPM training lays the foundation of the project management basics thereby making it extremely essential to train with the absolute best in the industry. Education Edge is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP #4456) that believes in simple, progressive and thorough education. Oftentimes everything always comes down to your basics. With our CAPM prep course, we ensure that these fundamentals are firmly ingrained in you, thereby guaranteeing your success as a project manager. CAPM training with us involves:
    • 100% money back guarantee– you will either earn your CAPM credential or get your money back as long as you follow our trusted and tested process.
    • 100% pass rate: We relentlessly work towards equipping you with all the knowledge required to ace the CAPM exam. Once you enroll with us, your CAPM certification is guaranteed.
    • Learn with the best in the industry: Being PMI Authorized Training Partners, we guarantee that you will train with the absolute best. Our trainers are one of the most qualified people and are authorities in the management industry.
    • Being an ATP, we provide the required 23 hours required to complete the CAPM application. As a matter of fact the training hours far exceed the required 23 hours mandated by PMI.
    • CAPM application support along with audit process support
    • Intense and thorough practice: We offer more than 2000 practice questions closely adhering to the Exam Content Outline (ECO)
    • Free mock exams: Our institution ensures that you are mentally prepared to sit for the 3 hour CAPM exam. Our mock tests closely follow the actual CAPM exam.
    • Constant post-course assistance: We constantly assist you with application submission and provide expert guidance in case you are selected for PMI audit.
    Get acquainted with the fascinating and lucrative world of project management. Enroll with us and become a Certified Associate in Project Management now.

    Who Can Apply?

    Being an entry level certification, earning a CAPM credential requires only basic prerequisites. To be eligible to apply for CAPM exam, a professional must:

    • Possess a secondary diploma or high school diploma or its corresponding global credential.
    • 23 contact hours of formal education in project management. These 23 contact hours can be acquired by attending workshops and training sessions, and successfully completing courses by any one of the education providers listed below:
      • PMI Approved Training Partners (ATPs)
      • Education program offered by universities and colleges
      • Distance-learning companies along with assessments at the end of the course

    One hour of professional project management education makes one contact hour. The contact hours may include information on the project’s quality, scope, risk and other important factors such as time, cost, communication, etc. in the field of management.

    An entire university or college degree program is not recorded as contact hours since the whole program cannot include the domain of project management. Only the classes that impart relevant education on project management qualify as eligible contact hours for CAPM.

    Education Edge CAPM certification training provides a 100% pass guarantee. For the last 10 years we have maintained at 100% pass rate at Education Edge

    How to Apply?

    Once eligible to apply for CAPM certification, a professional can follow the steps below to apply for the CAPM exam.

    • Submit your application: within 90 days

    Begin your application and record your academic and professional education. Once you have begun the CAPM application, you must complete and submit it within 90 days or 3 months from the date of initiation. CAPM application requires no experience. You need professional education from an PMI ATP and a high school diploma. 

    At Education Edge, being an ATP (#4456), we provide all the required support for CAPM application

    • Application review is conducted: within 24 hours

    It takes approximately 24 hours for PMI to assess and verify if the application is complete.

    • PMI Audit is conducted: takes 5-7 days

    Once your CAPM application is approved, your application might be selected for a random audit. If selected for the audit, you will be mandated to:

    • Provide a transcript to demonstrate your academic proficiency
    • Provide certificates, or letters of registration, etc. to substantiate your contact hours in professional project management education.

    You must submit all the required paperwork within 90 days. Once you have provided all the requested documents, the audit will take about a week to complete. Failure to provide complete documentation or to comply with the audit will result in one-year suspension from applying to any of the PMI certifications.

    CAPM Audit is an extremely simple process and at Education Edge we support our CAPM Course participants in passing the audit with ease. 

    • Pay your fees

    Once the application is reviewed and the audit is successfully completed in the applicable case, the professional is required to pay the credential’s fees. The CAPM certification costs are tabulated below:

    PMI membership status

    Fees in US dollars

    PMI Member 

    $225 USD


    $300 USD

    • Schedule your exam

    The  professional can schedule the CAPM exam once his/her application has been successfully reviewed for completion and has gone through the audit process, if selected. The professional must schedule the exam within one year. This one-year period is called the examination eligibility period. The Project Management Institute or PMI allows three attempts to clear the CAPM exam within the exam eligibility period.

    The CAPM exam

    The CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions (MCQs) out of which 15 pretest questions are not included to determine the professional’s score. The duration of the CAPM exam is three hours. The exam content follows the framework below:

    Domains Weightage in %

    Core concepts of project management fundamentals


    Predictive, plan-based methodologies


    Agile methodologies


    Business Analysis frameworks


    The examinee can also take a 10-minute break after completing the first 75 questions.

    How to stay certified?

    PMI ensures that the certified professionals always stay proficient and continue to evolve with the rapidly changing world of management. The PMI Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program guarantees that a CAPM certified professional is constantly equipped to meet and thrive in the current complex business environment.

    Once the professional successfully clears the CAPM exam and earns the credential, the three year certification cycle begins. Within this three-year certification cycle, the professional is required to earn and record 15 professional development units or PDUs to maintain and renew the CAPM credential. The Professional Development Units (PDUs) can be earned through various educational and volunteering activities. 1 hour of education is equivalent to 1 PDU. 

    In addition to the PDUs, the applicant has to pay CAPM renewal fee of:

    • $150 USD if he/she is not a PMI member 
    •  $60 USD if he/she is a PMI member

    The PMI credential will be suspended for 1 year if the professional fails to acquire and report the required 15 PDUs within the 3-year certification cycle.

    The CAPM credential will expire if the professional is still unable to acquire the mandatory 15 PDUs even at the end of the credential suspension period. Once the credential expires, the professional will be required to apply afresh.

    Why to Apply?

    CAPM certification is an ideal credential for an ambitious and skilled individual who aims to boost his/her confidence and validate the management skills acquired through professional management education. It does not require any prior management experience and is hence extremely accessible to an aspiring professional. Becoming CAPM certified :

    • Opens doors for limitless possibilities: Becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management is just a beginning. However, it introduces the individual to the fascinating and impactful world of project management. Once CAPM certified, possibilities of earning other advanced credentials such as PMI-PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PgMP, PMI-PfMP, become available to a professional.  
    • Increased Value: Earning a CAPM certification is synonymous with higher credibility and value among your peers, employers, and managers.
    • More job opportunities: A PMI credential goes together with an illustrious career and better job opportunities throughout the globe. 
    • Higher Salary: A CAPM certified professional is bound to earn more than his/her non-certified peers.

    CAPM vs PMP

    Both CAPM and PMP or Project Management Professional acknowledge and validate the skills and acumen of a professional in the  domain of project management. While the CAPM is an entry level certification, PMI-PMP is more advanced and demanding. The differences between the two certifications are tabulated below.

    Factors CAPM PMI-PMP

    Eligibility requirements

    Secondary or high school education



    23 hours of professional management education

    In case of 4-year degree


    -36 months’ experience of project leadership

    - 35 hours of project management training or CAPM 


    In case of high school diploma


    -60 months’ experience in project leadership

    -35 hours of project management training or CAPM.

    Project Management experience


    3 years in case of 4 year degree


    5 years in case high-school diploma


    - $225 with PMI membership

    -$300 without PMI membership

    -$405 USD with PMI membership

    -$555 USD without PMI membership

    Duration of exam

    180 minutes or 3 hours

    230 minutes or 3.8 hours

    Number of questions


    135 scored; 15 unscored


    PDUs required to renew



    Exam Content Outline

    -Core concepts of project management fundamentals: 36% 

    -Predictive, plan-based methodologies: 17%

    -Agile methodologies: 20%

    -Business Analysis frameworks: 27%

    People                          42%

    Processes                    50%

    Business Environment   8%