PMI-ACP- Agile Certified Practitioner

It’s not about doing Agile, it’s about being Agile. In the last 20 years, we have seen such exciting and delightful products and services that we have fallen in love with. The companies responsible for delivering such products and services have one thing in common and that one common value system is the Agile Mindset. All these organizations continue to focus on value delivery by developing products and services using incremental methods. They collaborate with customers throughout this product development journey and incorporate feedback constantly in the products.  Agile mindset has become the new way of doing things and organizations continue to embrace the Agile value system. Agile mindset is not only being used in IT based projects but is being embraced across all the industries and verticals. PMI-ACP Certification Training is the only solution of all these things.

Education Edge has been providing Agile and Scrum training since the early days of agile adoption. In the last 10 years we have trained over 5000 individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries to learn the Agile Mindset and apply this value system within their organizations. The PMI-ACP certification formally validates and highlights practitioners’ agile experience, knowledge, techniques and skill-sets. The benefit of taking PMI ACP certification is that the PMI-ACP course spans many approaches such as IT based Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD.). That is the reason why ACP certification has become the choice certification when it comes to Agile Mindset.

  – 4 Weeks

– 1000+

Why get PMI ACP certified?

  • All the major organizations around the world prefer PMI ACP certified professionals due to the spectrum of approaches covered as part of ACP certification.
  • Higher efficiency and maturity. According to the Pulse of the profession report, a PMI ACP certified professional gains deep knowledge of agile and all its associated skills and techniques. This makes a professional more efficient and responsive to the ever evolving and ever-changing world of project management. 
  • Versatility and Wider Scope. PMI-ACP trains professionals in many agile methodologies including Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming, SAFe, Crystal, etc. making it one of the most popular certifications around the world. Being PMI-ACP indicates that you are capable of working and thriving across all industries irrespective of geographic and cultural restraints.
  • Prestige and recognition. Being PMI-ACP certified increases your value exponentially and makes you an asset for an organization. Prestige and recognition are synonymous with being an Agile Certified Practitioner. 
  • Increased job opportunities and rewards.

Why choose Education Edge as your PMI ACP training partner?

Our PMI ACP certification course is conducted by lifelong learners and mentors Dave Odigie and Hemant Dhariyal, two stalwarts in the field of project management who have earned all the PMI and IIBA credentials. Created by the most qualified coaches in the world, the PMI ACP certification training offered by Education Edge is one of the most successful courses. 

  • 100% pass rate: All our Project Management courses including the PMI ACP have a 100% success rate. 
  •  We promise success or give 100% money back guarantee. Once you choose to train with us, you become our priority and we completely dedicate ourselves to getting you PMI ACP certified. 
  • You train with the best coaches in North America. Our trainers are the best in the industry and hold all PMI credentials- PMI-PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, PMI-PgMP, PMI-PfMP, and PMI-PBA. 
  •  End to End application support: At Education Edge, you are constantly supported throughout the PMI-ACP application process. We provide effective guidance to ensure that your application is completed on time and is approved by PMI.
  • Our simulated exams are considered extremely close to the ACP certification exam.

Who can Apply?

If you have a secondary degree or a high school diploma, you must possess all the experience and agile training below.

General Project Management Experience Agile Project Experience Training in Agile Practices

12 months’ or 1 year experience of working on project teams.

This experience must be gained within the last 5 years from applying for PMI ACP

8 months of experience in working on project teams adopting and using agile methodologies.

This experience must be acquired in the last 3 years

21 contact hours of training in agile practices.

If you are a professional who possesses a post-graduate or bachelor’s degree in a PMI accredited Project Management degree (GAC) you must satisfy the following conditions

General Project experience Agile Project Experience Training in Agile practices

Not required

8 months’ experience in working on project teams adopting agile methodologies and practices

35 contact hours of formal education in agile practices.

Earning contact hours in Agile training with Education Edge

The PMI-ACP certification course by Education Edge helps you earn the contact hours mandatory to be eligible for the PMI-ACP exam. Our ACP course trains the professional in various agile methodologies, practices, principles and philosophy. Being PMI Authorized Training Partners, our PMI-ACP training course is closely aligned with the PMI ACP Exam Content Online (ECO).

How to Apply?

Education Edge provides complete assistance in submitting the PMI-ACP application. Applying for this PMI credential includes the following steps.

Step 1 Provide your Project Management experience and contact hours and submit the application. You must complete your application within 90 days.

Step 2 Application Review: 10 days 

All the information is reviewed by Project Management Institute (PMI) and takes approximately 10 days. Education Edge ensures that your PMI ACP application is complete and accurate.

Step 3 PMI Audit : 5-7 days

PMI conducts audits to safeguard and maintain the credibility and integrity of its certifications. In case you are selected for the audit, you will be required to provide supporting paperwork to substantiate your agile project experience and mandatory professional training. You must provide all the  required documents within 90 days.

Education Edge offers effective guidance to help you successfully complete the audit requirements. Once you complete the audit, your one-year examination cycle will begin. You can take the PMI-ACP exam thrice during this one year. If you are unable to clear the exam in these three attempts, you will need to wait for one year before re-applying. 

The PMI-ACP training at Education Edge guarantees success at your very first attempt.

Step 4: Application fees $495 USD

Below tabulated is the cost of the PMI-ACP exam.

PMI Member Non-member

$435 USD

$495 USD

Once you have paid the fees, you will be able to schedule the PMI-ACP exam.

The PMI-ACP exam

The PMI ACP exam contains 120 multiple choice questions  and is conducted for 180 minutes or 3 hours. The exam contains questions based on the Examination Content Outline (ECO) given below.

Domain Weightage in % 

Agile Principles and Mindset


Value Driven Delivery


Stakeholder Engagement


Team Performance


Adaptive Planning


Problem Detection and Resolution


Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)


Education Edge provides practice questions and simulated exams that are completely aligned with the above Examination Content Outline. 

How to stay certified?

  • PDUs required: During this three-year cycle, you will be required to earn 30 PDUs or Professional Development Units. 
  • Renewal fee: The renewal fee of PMI-ACP is given below:

PMI-member: $60 USD

Non PMI-member: $150 USD