PMI-RMP Certification Course

PMI-RMP Certification Course

Course Overview

What Is PMI-RMP?

As a domain that influences your career, the PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® certification is highly sought after. 

The PMI-RMP® certification recognizes your ability to identify and assess project risks, reduce threats, and seize opportunities. With this certification, you enhance and protect your organization’s needs – as a certified risk management professional.

With change being the only constant in this uncertain market, and the world being exposed to recession so often –  Risk management as a profession has found a distinct foothold across the globe – potentially in every industry.

  – 4 Weeks

– 5

Education Edge’s PMI-RMP Training Program

The Risk Management Professional (RMP) Certification Training program at Education Edge is aligned to PMBOK Version 7. It features courses on Planning Risk Management Identifying Risk, Analysing Risk, and Responding to Risk.

The training program is designed to help you understand the structured and objective approach to addressing risk in projects, or, in other words – help you master the processes of risk management.

The PMI-RMP Training program focuses on the 5 key domains as defined in the new Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 7th Version:

  • Domain 1— Risk Strategy and Planning.
  • Domain 2— Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Domain 3— Risk Process Facilitation.
  • Domain 4— Risk Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Domain 5— Perform Specialized Risk Analyses.

Why take on the PMI-RMP?

Many rewards come with owning the PMI-RMP certification behind your name. It will allow you to negotiate better pay and have your resume noticed quicker – in addition to obvious benefits such as having an advantage in your job hunt over those without the PMI-RMP credential. The majority of the businesses looking for a risk management employee want someone who is highly skilled – especially someone with a PMI-RMP.

Course Features

  • Education Edge is a PMI REP® and our PMI-RMP® Certification Course content and material has been built based on PMI’s standard along with input from industry experts in addition to our own experience of helping hundreds of professionals score above proficiency on their first attempt.
  • Tips and guidance for completing the PMI-RMP® Exam Application Process.
  • All course material is delivered by credentialed industry professionals, having many years of management and consulting experience working for Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Weekly exams/quizzes to assess comprehension and absorption of material to identify and address gaps before moving forward.
  • 2 full-scale PMI-RMP® Exams during the PMI-RMP® Course an additional 3 exams once the course completes gauging your readiness to sit for the exam.
  • Access to our student blog to leverage discussions, interactions, and advice from past students who have successfully cleared the exam.
  • Experience sharing sessions with recently certified PMI-RMP® students.
  • 30 PDUs to fulfil the application requirements or to renew your PMI-RMP® or other existing certificates.


PMI-RMP® certification candidates must meet specific requirements to earn the designation.

To qualify for the PMI-RMP® credential, candidates must have one of the following sets of education and experience:

Educational Background Project Risk Management Experience Project Risk Management Education

Secondary diploma (High school diploma, associate's degree or global equivalent)

At least 36 months spent in the specialized area of professional project risk management within the last five consecutive years

40 contact hours of formal education in the specialized area of project risk management


Four-year degree (bachelor's degree or global equivalent) BACKGROUND

At least 24 months spent in the specialized area of professional project risk management within the last five consecutive years

30 contact hours of formal education in the specialized area of project risk management


Bachelor's or post-graduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor's or master's degree or global equivalent

At least 12 months spent in the specialized area of professional project risk management within the last five consecutive years

30 contact hours of formal education in the specialized area of project risk management

If a candidate meets one of the above requirements, they can proceed to the next step of the PMI-RMP® application process where you will provide details about your experience and formal training.

To maintain your PMI-RMP® Certification, you must earn 30 professional development units (PDUs) every three years.


The PMI-RMP Certification Exam consists of 170 multiple-choice scenario-based questions. Out of the 170 questions, 20 are considered pretest questions. Pretest questions are used in examinations as an effective and acceptable technique to test the validity of future examination questions without affecting the score. All of the questions are distributed at random throughout the paper.

The time allotted to complete the computer-based exam is 3hrs 30 mins. It usually takes candidates less than that to complete the examination.

There are no scheduled breaks during the examination (although you can take one if needed.). The clock continues to count down.

PMI-RMP Exam Blueprint:

The percentage of questions in each domain that are included in the examination is listed below:

Domain Percentage of Questions

Domain 1 - Risk Strategy and Planning (5 tasks)


Domain 2 - Stakeholder Engagement (9 tasks)


Domain 3 - Risk Process Facilitation (7 tasks)


Domain 4 - Risk Monitoring and Reporting (7 tasks)


Domain 5 - Perform Specialized Risk Analyses (3 tasks)




PMI-RMP Application Process

At a high level, the PMI-RMP® application process involves the following steps:

  • You submit an online application for the exam to PMI®. PMI-RMP® Application review and guidance on how to fill up the application are provided as a part of PMI-RMP® Exam Prep.
  • PMI® reviews your application and if it is determined to be complete, PMI® will send you an email to submit the exam fee. Your application approval is valid for one year from the date you receive the approval email.
  • After you pay for the exam, PMI® will send you an email indicating one of the following next steps:
    • Examination scheduling instructions to help you schedule your examination.
    • Application has randomly been selected for the PMI® audit process. At Education Edge, we support our participants in addressing the PMI-RMP® Application audit by providing insight and guidance.
  • If you receive exam scheduling instructions, you can go ahead and schedule your exam with Prometric.
  • If your application is selected for an audit, PMI® will provide you the follow-up instructions to comply with the audit.

Note: If your application is selected for an audit, your one-year eligibility clock stops, and would restart only when you successfully clear the audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any possible substitutions to the application requirements?

No, you must meet all of the requirements as outlined in the PMI-RMP® Handbook (as applicable) to be eligible to write the respective exam.

Will PMI be very severe verifying experience?

Exam candidates and designation recipients may be audited to verify/validate work experience and other information provided in the application.

What are the criteria used to validate experience?

Work experience must be related to Risk Management, performing tasks as per A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK® Guide). See the PMI-RMP® Handbook for complete guidelines.

What qualifies for the 30 hours of required training in the past four years?

All PMI endorsed courses qualify for the Professional Development requirement. Other courses may qualify as long as they meet the professional development criteria specified in the handbooks.

Am I eligible to appear for PMI-RMP exam or whether this is the right certification for me?

Please send in an email to and we will call you to discuss further. 

Have more queries or questions?

Please send in an email to and we will happy to answer you!