CCBA Certification

Certification of Capability in Business Analysis or the CCBA certification validates your knowledge and experience in business analysis. IIBA created a three tier system in their certification process and if you are someone who does not have over 8 years of business analysis experience, then CCBA certification is the one for you. 

CCBA Certification by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is ideal for a professional with two to three years of work experience in the field of Business Analysis. If you have a growth mindset and want to become a part of the ever growing community of business analysts, then CCBA certification with Education Edge is the one for you. 

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Why get CCBA certified?

The CCBA certification is a formal recognition of a professional’s abilities and skills as a business analyst. A CCBA certified professional enjoys:

  • Enhanced knowledge : A CCBA certified business analyst is competent to effectively interact and work with stakeholders, identify and assess business opportunities, and appropriately apply the core skills to real-life scenarios.
  • Career Advancement: Being a CCBA is synonymous with high skill and thorough concepts in all the knowledge areas of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge or BABOK (3rd edition). This inevitably sets you towards a successful career path. A CCBA certified BA practitioner often enjoys better job opportunities and promotions.
  • Higher Salary: According to the IIBA Annual Business Analysis Salary Survey, a CCBA certified professional earns 11% more on an average, than the non-certified peers. 
  • CCBA certification leads to higher maturity, rewards, prestige and recognition.

Why choose Education Edge as your preferred CCBA training partner?

The CCBA certification course by Education Edge, an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) has a 100% pass rate. If you are a business analyst aiming to achieve formal recognition and carve out a successful career in business analysis, then Education Edge is your preferred CCBA certification provider.

  • 100% pass guarantee: We have not had a single unsatisfied and non certified professional in the last 10 years. Enrolling for a CCBA training with Education Edge guarantees the coveted IIBA credential.
  • 100% money back guarantee: We prioritize your success over everything else. You either get CCBA certified, or we return all your money.
  • Top trainers certified in both IIBA and PMI certifications. 
  • Full CCBA application and audit support.
  • High quality training content: Our CCBA prep course is completely aligned with the third edition of the BABOK guide. Being an IIBA EEP, we offer the best training content that equips you to ace your CCBA exam.
  • Dedicated post-course assistance: We provide complete assistance in CCBA application submission and offer effective tips and guidelines to seamlessly get through the audit in case you are selected for it.
  • Assistance in CDUs: We provide professional courses to help the CCBA certified professional earn his/her Continuing Development Units for the IIBA recertification program.

Who Can Apply for CCBA?

Unlike the entry level ECBA certification, the CCBA certification requirements mandate that the professional has some working experience as a business analyst.

Professional Development : 21 hours

CCBA Work History: 2-3 years (3750 hours)

Besides the mandatory professional development hours, the aspiring BA practitioner is also required to possess work experience of 3750 hours or 2-3 years in the field of business analysis within the last 7 years. 

You can either :

  • Have work experience of 900 hours each in any 2 of the Knowledge Areas of BABOK Guide, or
  • Have work experience of 500 hours each in any of the 4 knowledge areas

Eligible CCBA References: 2

To be eligible for the CCBA exam, the professional must also be able to provide at least two references. These references can be a career manager, or a CCBA certified professional. One of the references must have known you for a period of at least 6 months.

How to apply for CCBA?

Applying for the CCBA certification requires the aspiring professional to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Create an IIBA profile 

The first step to apply for the CCBA certification is to create and log in to your IIBA profile.

Step 2: Verify your eligibilities and apply for CCBA

Verify if you have acquired the CCBA eligibility requirements mentioned above and apply for the CCBA certification.

Step 3: Pay the CCBA application fee: $145 USD 

The CCBA application fee must not be confused with the exam fee. It is a non-refundable and non-transferable fee and must be paid to be able to create your CCBA application.

Step 4: Log your BA development hours

The next step in creating your CCBA application is to log in the mandatory professional development hours. These hours can be earned by enrolling for CCBA training with Education Edge, an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider. 

The course you enroll in must be aligned with the knowledge areas of the BABOK guide. 

Being an EEP, the CCBA course at Education Edge helps you earn the required 21 professional development hours.

Step 5: Log in your Work Experience

CCBA requires the professional to possess business analysis work experience of at least 2-3 years aligned with the Knowledge Areas of the BABOK guide (3rd edition)

Step 6: Provide names and contact information of 2 references who are CCBA certified

Step 7: Application Approval 

Once you have completed logging in the required information, you will be able to submit your CCBA application. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed by the International Institute of Business Analysis. If your information is complete and accurate, the application will either be approved or will be selected for a random IIBA audit.

IIBA Audit

The IIBA selects random applications for audit to safeguard and maintain the integrity and credibility of all their certifications. If selected for an audit, the applicants will be required to submit all the documents substantiating their work experience and business analysis training. Failure in the audit will result in the application to be unapproved. You can re-apply only after you correct the factors that led to the audit failure.

Education Edge provides complete guidance and effective tips to successfully pass through the CCBA audit and get your application approved. 

Step 8: Pay CCBA exam fee: $405 USD

Once your application is approved, you will now be able to pay the CCBA exam fee. You must remember that your one-year certification cycle will commence the day your application is approved. During this one year, the aspiring professional can attempt the CCBA exam thrice, incase of not being able to clear in the first attempt. 

Education Edge boasts of a decade long 100% pass rate. Once you enroll with us for your training, your CCBA certificate is guaranteed.

The CCBA exam fee structure is tabulated below

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The CCBA Exam

The CCBA exam is strictly based on the 3rd edition of the BABOK guide. The exam contains 130 multiple choice questions (MCQs) which must be answered within three hours. The CCBA exam includes questions based on the CCBA competencies. These competencies are grouped as Knowledge Areas, defined in the third edition of the BABOK guide.

The CCBA exam pattern is tabulated below.

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The CCBA exam assesses the professional on the ability to recommend appropriate action, apply the core concepts of business analysis, and modify rules and guidelines to facilitate success in above competencies.

How to stay certified?

IIBA’s Recertification program aims to encourage and facilitate the ongoing development of the professionals and the profession of Business Analysis. The Recertification program is conducted to:

  • Ensure that the BA practitioner stays updated with the ever evolving and growing profession of Business analysis 
  • Encourage and assist the professional in his/her ongoing education in the field of business analysis 
  • Make sure that the CCBA certified professional gives back to the profession and community of Business Analysis.

The CCBA recertification requires the professional to earn 60 CDUs or Continuing Development Units. These activities may include a formal professional course or an eligible professional activity. One hour of professional learning or activity counts as 1 CDU.