ECBA- Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

ECBA Certification Canada

Business analysis remains the core of an organization as it is the business analysts who are instrumental in driving change. Business analysis has become one of the most desired career paths not only for seasoned professionals but also new graduates. If you are a student, or an individual looking for a new career in business analysis, then ECBA certification by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is an ideal foundation of business analysis.

The field of  business analysis is constantly growing and promises immense opportunities for a successful career. An ECBA certificate promises higher-salary, better job opportunities and greater confidence at work. It is one of the most accessible certifications for someone who would like to begin their career journey. ECBA certification has no work history or recertification requirements  unlike the more advanced CCBA and CBAP. 

An IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP), Education Edge is the leading education provider for IIBA certifications. 

  – 8 Weeks

– 6

Why get ECBA certified?

ECBA or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is the first step towards a successful career in business analysis. Being ECBA certified signifies that the professional is well versed with the fundamentals of business analysis aligned with the BABOK guide. Possessing core knowledge in the competencies of ever evolving and in-demand field of business analysis makes the professional an asset to organizations all over the world.

ECBA certification with Education Edge guarantees:

  • Better career opportunities as being ECBA certified gives you increased knowledge and maturity in the Business Analysis profession.
  • You stand out from the crowd: Knowledge is power and the ECBA course educates the aspiring BA professionals in the key concepts and techniques of business analysis. Once ECBA certified, you are bound to stand out from the crowd.
  • Your earning potential increases considerably: An ECBA certified professional earns 12% more than the non-certified peers.

Why choose Education Edge as your preferred ECBA Training Partner?

Education Edge is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider and a leading ECBA Training organization in the world. We are preferred BA training partners for most of the Fortune 500 companies including Google, Amazon, Tesla, RBC Bank, City Bank, Goldman Sachs, City of Toronto, City of Hamilton, Metrolinx, Crosslinx, ARUP, JACOBS and Canadian Pacific Railways to name a few. Our mission remains to provide effective education that is simpler, easier and faster.

  • We maintain a 100% ECBA pass rate: We remain accountable and ensure that all our course participants are successful and get the ECBA certified.
  • We guarantee that you will be ECBA certified with our 100% money back guarantee. 
  • 21 hours of PDUs required to complete your ECBA application.
  • Our trainers bring years of professional experience in business analysis and are certified in all the PMI and IIBA certifications.
  • We provide full end to end ECBA application support along with support in the audit process.
  • We provide mock questions to ace the ECBA certification exam.
  • We provide post ECBA course support and ensure that we continue to support you in your ECBA certification journey. 

Who can Apply?

Being an entry-level certification in business analysis, the prerequisites for ECBA are simple.

1. 21 Professional Development (PD) hours

Professional development hours are the hours spent by the business analyst professional in activities aligned with the BABOK guide. To be eligible for ECBA, the BA professional must acquire at least 21 hours of Professional Development training in BABOK standard from an Endorsed Education Provider.

  • We align the ECBA certification course with the most recent BABOK edition.
  • Our ECBA course has a clear objective that is directly related to the role of business analysis and introduces the  professional to the basic concepts and principles of Business Analysis
  • We provide a simulated exams and more than 1000 practice questions.

2. Agree with the IIBA Code of Conduct: Through this eligibility requirement, IIBA ensures that all the certified professionals maintain the credibility, and esteem of the IIBA credentials

3. Agree with the IIBA terms and conditions

How to Apply for ECBA?

Step 1 Review your eligibility

The first step towards earning your ECBA certification is to ensure you are eligible for it. Enrolling for an ECBA certification course with Education Edge provides you with the mandatory 21 Professional Development and helps you become eligible to take the ECBA exam.

Step 2 Login and Create your IIBA profile

Once you are eligible, the next step is to create an IIBA profile. 

Step 3 Pay the application fee: $45 USD

The application fee is required to create your ECBA application and verify your eligibility. Once you create your IIBA profile, you will be required to pay $45 USD as the application fees. 

Please note: application fees must not be confused with exam fees.

Step 4 Log your Professional Development hours

Once you have paid your application fees, you must now record your Professional Development hours mandatory to sit for the ECBA certification exam. Enrolling for ECBA certification course with Education Edge satisfies these 21 Professional Development hours. These hours must be aligned with BABOK 3rd edition.

You will also need to select the BABOK Knowledge Areas (KA) relevant to the ECBA competencies. 

Step 5 ECBA Audit

Once you log the Professional Development hours and complete the submission of the application, your application will either be approved or will be randomly selected for an audit. IIBA randomly selects applications for audit to verify the professional development and work experience. Audits safeguards the high standards and credibility of the IIBA core certifications. You will be notified if your ECBA application is selected for the audit. 

Education Edge provides effective guidance and tips to seamlessly pass the audit. 

Step 6 Pay the ECBA exam fees: $305 USD

Once you successfully pass the audit, your ECBA application will be approved and the next step is to pay for your ECBA exam. The fee structure for ECBA is tabulated below:

Membership status Fees

IIBA member

$150 USD


$305 USD

Corporate members

$105 USD

Once your application is approved, your one-year examination period will commence. You can take the ECBA exam thrice within this one-year period. Education Edge guarantees you will pass the exam in your very first attempt.

Once you clear your exam and earn the ECBA certification, you will not require any recertification unlike the more advanced CCBA and CBAP certifications.

The ECBA exam

The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis or ECBA is a beginner level certification by IIBA that trains the professional in the key concepts and rudimentary knowledge of business analysis. The ECBA exam is based on the third edition of the BABOK guide and contains 50 multiple choice questions that must be answered within an hour. The framework of the ECBA exam is given below.

Questions based on the Business Analysis Knowledge

Topics of domains Weightage in %

Business Analysis and the BA professional


Business analysis key concepts


Underlying competencies




Questions based on the BABOK guide Knowledge Areas (KA)

Knowledge areas Weightage in %

Business Analysis planning and monitoring


Elicitation and Collaboration


Requirements life cycle management


Requirements analysis and design definition (RAAD)


The ECBA exam assesses the professional on the basic understanding and general awareness of the above business analysis competencies.

IIBA and PMI certified professionals at Education Edge provide expert training and guidance to the aspiring professionals and equip them with the absolute best knowledge. We believe in simplified, progressive learning and ensure that your core concepts of business analysis are clear and thorough.