PMI-PfMP- Portfolio Management Professional Certification

Portfolio Managers are leaders who focus on value delivery and ensure that the project, programs and operations remain aligned with the vision and organizational strategy. Portfolio management remains one of the most important and powerful function of an organization as it is this function where the investing decisions are made by choosing the right initiatives and work. Portfolio Managers are leaders with authority and influence. Most of the leading organizations are strengthening the portfolio management function and standardizing the practice around managing diverse portfolios. According to 2012 Pulse of Profession research, organizations that are effective in portfolio management had 62 percent of products meet or exceed expected ROI and hence there remains an appetite for professionals who understand the portfolio management function and especially those professionals who have completed the PfMP certification Course.

  – 4 Weeks

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Why get PfMP Certified?

PfMP Certification Course
  • PfMP certification not only delivers benefits to a professional by providing standardized knowledge, but the organizations benefit too as now the focus shifts from doing work right to doing the right work.
  • Formal portfolio management practice in an organization ensures that strategic initiatives in the form of projects, programs, portfolio, operation and other work is implemented in the most effective way.
  • PfMP certified professionals and with the knowledge of globally recognized portfolio management standard, you will help take the organizations from their current state to desired future state with minimal resistance and thus bridging the gap between strategy and implementation. 
  • You will now become a core member of the leadership team and guide the organization in aligning projects, programs and operations with strategic objectives, investing resources in the right work to deliver the expected value.
  • Being PfMP certified puts you in an extremely unique space as there are only a handful professionals that have PfMP certification completed.

Why choose Education as your PfMP certification training provider?

Education Edge is the only North American education company that provides a platform to successfully complete the PfMP certification. Our trainers are certified in all the PMI certification and have over 50 years of collective Portfolio Management experience.

  • Unparalleled course delivery facilitated by certified PfMP professionals and leaders.
  • Over 40 Hours of live sessions thus satisfying the PFMP application’s mandatory condition.
  • End to end support in completing PfMP certification with support for panel review and audits
  • 100% pass guarantee and full money back guarantee.
  • Weekly reviews, quizzes and videos to ensure that you stay on track to writing the PfMP certification.
  • Mock PfMP exam questions replicating the PfMP certification exam.

Who should Apply?

If you are a Sr. project manager, Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, PMO staff, risk manager, functional manager or C-suite executive, PfMP certification is the way to go.

In case of a high school diploma or associate degree

In case of a four-year degree such as bachelor’s or higher.

Portfolio Management Experience Business Experience

84 months of portfolio management experience

All applicants must possess a minimum of 96 months of professional business experience within the last 15 years

Project Risk Management Experience Business Experience

48 months of portfolio management experience

All applicants must possess a minimum of 96 months of professional business experience within the last 15 years

How to Apply?

1. Submit your PfMP application: 

2. Review of Application completeness: takes 7-10 business days : Once you have successfully completed and submitted the PfMP application, a review will be conducted to assess the accuracy and completeness of the experience provided in the application. 

3. PMI-PFMP audit (if selected):  At Education Edge we provide support in fulfilling the requirements for audit in case your PfMP application is audited.

4. Pay your PFMP exam fee

Exam type PMI-Membership status US Dollars

Center Based Testing (CBT)


Online Proctored Exam



Center Based Testing (CBT)


Online Proctored Exam



5. After you have paid the PfMP examination fee, the first step in gaining PfMP certification takes place. The first step is the PfMP application Panel review, and this process can take anywhere between 15-60 days. You could successfully complete the panel review if your application satisfies the criteria, and the panel finds the information provided aligning with the PfMP application guidelines. Otherwise the panel will come back with questions and you will need to provide responses to those questions.

6. The second step in the certification process is the certification exam. The PfMP Certification exam has 170 multiple exam questions that must be completed in 4 hours.

How to stay PfMP certified?

Once you are PfMP certified, you will have to maintain your PMI-PfMP certification. You must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) in Portfolio Management topics every three years and pay a nominal fee. There is no re-examination required to stay certified.