Free 180 PMP exam questions replicating the real PMP Exam

Free 180 PMP exam question replicating the real

Practice is the most crucial element in PMP Exam preparation. The key is to practice as many PMP mock exams as possible. This strategy is instrumental in cementing your knowledge and concepts. A rigorous and disciplined preparation significantly boosts your confidence and mentally prepares you for the PMP Exam. The PMP (Project Management Professional) exam is a complex and scenario-based exam and thus requires an individual to practice as many scenario questions that replicate the PMP exam as possible. Considering the new changes, it is important to align with authorized training partners who have maintained a 100% pass rate on the PMP Exam. Education Edge equips you with free PMP exam questions throughout the duration of the PMP prep course and 3 additional free PMP exams after the PMP training concludes.

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What is a PMI-PMP examination?

The PMI-PMP (Project Management Professional) exam assesses the professional’s skill-set, adaptability and acumen in various fields and management methodologies before awarding him the globally coveted PMP certification. The PMI-PMP exam is conducted for 3 hours and 50 minutes and contains 180 multiple-choice questions.


Around 43% of questions in the PMP exam are based on this domain. These PMP exam questions gauge if the examinee is adept in

  • Managing conflicts,
  • Team leadership,
  • Supporting team’s performance,
  • Teams’ and stakeholders’ empowerment,
  • Keeping the team members or stakeholders suitably trained,
  • Building an effective, productive, and proficient team,
  • Addressing and resolving any hindrances encountered by the team members,
  • Negotiation of project agreements
  • Collaborations
  • Inculcating and building clear understanding
  • Supporting and engaging virtual teams by examining their needs,
  • Defining and declaring ground rules and principles,
  • Mentoring stakeholders, and
  • Promoting the team’s performance and productivity through implementing emotional intelligence.

An absolutely indispensable skill-set, the exam includes 50% of the total PMP exam questions based on this domain. These questions test the professional’s skill-set in 17 tasks mentioned below:

  • Execution of project with urgency essential to complete time-sensitive projects
  • Manage and coordinate communications
  • Foresee, gauge and prevent risks
  • Ensure stakeholders’ engagement
  • Manage and oversee budget and resources
  • Plan and manage a practical and effective schedule
  • Plan and maintain the quality of the delivered product
  • Plan and determinate the scope of the project
  • Manage any modifications in the Project
  • Planning and managing procurement
  • Project artifacts management
  • Acute determination of management methodology and practices
  • Establishing the project’s governance structure.
  • Manage and resolve all possible project issues
  • Ascertaining knowledge sharing and transferring for the continuity of the project.
  • Planning and maintaining the project conclusion or transitions.
Business Environment

Covering 7% of PMP exam, the domain of business environment assesses the examinee proficiency under the following 4 tasks:

  • Planning and Management of project compliance
  • Evaluation and deliverance of the values and benefits of the project
  • Assessment of the external business environment necessary for the scope of the project.
  • Support and welcome necessary changes in the organization.

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Advantages of free PMP exam questions

The PMP exam requires a hefty fee of at least $400. Moreover, once the PMP exam application is approved, the period in which you can take the examination is one year. Thus, the examinee can appear for his/her PMP certification exam thrice within one year. With an expensive fee and limited attempts, a rigorous and effective mock exam is a necessity to ace the PMP exam in its very first attempt. The free PMP exam questions mentally prepare the professional to excel even in high pressure situations. Being a competitive exam of almost 4 hours, the free PMP exam questions samples help the examinee get habitual of performing for long hours and retain and implement knowledge despite exhaustion. The free PMP practice questions save you money and PMP exam attempts along with boosting your confidence and improving your proficiency in the field.

Why attempt the free PMP exam by Education Edge?

The PMI or the Project Management Institute advises two preparatory methods for the PMP certification exam: preparing with Authorized Training Partners(ATPs) or the On-Demand PMP Exam Prep Course. Education Edge is an ATP that designs its free PMP exam strictly according to the syllabi and structure of the PMI-PMP examination. Attempting our mock PMP exam is an effective way to assess how you will fare on your big day. These free PMP practice questions are exhaustively based on the PMBOK 7th edition and would be helpful in detecting any lacunae in your preparation.
We are firm believers that nothing in the world is unattainable with discipline, guidance, and above all, relentless back breaking hard work. At Education Edge we equip you with the first two weapons and push you to inculcate the third. Do not hesitate from contacting us for PMI authorized guidance on PMP, PMI-ACP, CAPM and various other certification courses.

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