Project Management Institutes: The real deal vs Money making gimmicks


Most professionals view Project Management Institutes as indispensable tools to boost their career growth, or give it a fresh start. Almost every professional relies upon a practical and successful project management course to become a certified project management professional. In this blog we highlight the role of a project management institute, point out the red flags in the majority of the courses, and help you enroll in a project management course that guarantees growth and success.

What are Project Management Institutes?

Project management is one of the most coveted and rewarding fields in the world. It is crucial for economic growth, innovation, and social impact and change at both micro and macro levels. Project management institutes are organizations that aim to educate professionals in various fields of project management. These institutions provide training, certification, and networking opportunities to both aspiring and experienced project professionals. Besides training courses, project management institutions also offer certification exams to professionals to enhance and certify their skillset. These project management certifications act as catalysts in the careers of project managers and help them stay ahead of their contemporaries throughout industries all over the world. Certified project managers not only stand out, they earn significantly higher and get better career opportunities. Among the most popular and enrolled project management institutes are the ‘Project Management Institute’ or the PMI, the ‘International Project Management Association (IPMA)’, and the ‘Association for Project Management (APM)’. These project management institutes are globally recognized and are leaders in the field of project management.

The real deal vs Money making gimmicks:


Enrolling in a suitable, practical and successful project management course is a potentially deciding factor in a professional’s career. Due to their high demand, running project management courses is an extremely profitable business. Unfortunately, as a consequence, not every project management institute will meet the global standards of recognized professional associations. These organizations will usually use misleading marketing gimmicks, and will offer certifications that will have little to no value in the project management industries. Such project management institutes dupe professionals not just of their money, but also of their precious time. Major red flags in such management institutes are:

  • Unrealistic guarantees: Getting certified requires consistent hardwork and rigorous training. Any institute offering an easy pathway to guaranteed success is a guaranteed fraud
  • Misleading fee structure: Project management institutes that are not transparent about their course fee are unlikely to be genuine or reputed.
  • Unqualified Trainers: Never enroll in a project management course that is offered by non-certified coaches.
  • Offers that are too good to be true: As the saying goes, when something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Are you choosing the right project management institute?

Before enrolling in a project management course, you must ensure that the institute is:

  • Recognized: Ensure that the certification offered by the project management institute is recognized throughout industries and the world. 
  • Has Transparency: A transparent fee structure with a concise and consistent course is another factor that distinguishes a genuine and successful project management course from a fake profit seeking gimmick
  • Provides professional development opportunities: At the end, the foremost reason any professional enrolls in a project management institute is to learn and gain knowledge that would help them move ahead in their careers. Your project management course must equip you with all the knowledge, tools, and skills required to stand out from non-certified project professionals. 
  • Has high and binding Ethical Standards: A genuine project management institute must uphold ethical standards and principles in all the aspects of their operations and interactions with the members and the public. These ethical standards must be binding to all the project managers who get certified from the institute.
  • Student and customer centric: For a genuine, reputed, and recognized project management institute, nothing is more important than successfully certified professionals. Afterall, a high success rate is the best and most telling testimony for a genuine project management institute.

Even if you enroll in a genuine and reputed project management institute, chances are you might still be enrolling in an outdated project management course. 

Project management constantly changes with an ever evolving world and the institute you enroll in must offer courses that keep up with a rapidly changing and consumer centric world. 

Professional certifications offered by the Project Management Institute or the PMI are financially and professionally lucrative and are extremely updated with the latest technology and practical knowledge. The PMI offers certifications that cater to professionals of all experience levels, and provides them opportunities to enhance and advance their professional career. One of the most reputed and globally recognized project management certifications offered by the PMI are:

These PMI certifications guarantee you a higher paying job and drastically higher professional exposure irrespective of your experience level.

How should you get PMI certified?

It is a well established fact that the PMI certifications guarantee improved job prospects, higher salaries, enhanced skilled set, and global recognition. No doubt, every experienced as well as aspiring project manager aims to get PMI certified. If you are a relatively inexperienced  professional who seeks a career switch or is new to the field, this step can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Right mentoring and counseling can save you not just your money but also much of your precious time. Additionally, learning from PMI certified professionals is the best way to build a robust and enriching professional network. Enrolling with a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) is your best chance to get PMI certified. 

If you are an experienced project manager and are looking to further specialize in your field, time is your biggest asset. Nobody understands this better than an Authorized Training Partner. Keeping in mind an already busy project manager, PMI ATP provides you with an extremely concise and globally adopted project management certification course. This saves you time and gets you certified without compromising on your job or driving you on the brink of a burn out.

Education Edge is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP 4456) that offers the most current and relevant project management training to professionals from all industries, and experience levels. 

Besides being an Authorized Training Partner, Education Edge offers much more that makes it one of the best project management institutes to enroll in:

  • Highly skilled and PMI certified trainers: How would you feel if Elon Musk offered to teach you engineering? This is exactly what happens at Education Edge- absolute masters train and mentor you to ensure that you ace your PMI certification exam irrespective of the course you enroll in. 
  • Extremely result driven: Being an Authorized Training Partner, our project management course is uniform, and strictly according to the PMI standards. Getting you PMI certified is our absolute aim and priority.
  • 100% pass rate: All you need to do is enroll and diligently follow our guidance throughout your project management training. You will not only pass the PMI exam but will ace it.
  • Updated training: Our PMP and CAPM training is completely aligned with the latest changes to the exam and Exam Content Outline.

Change is inevitable and a successful project manager is one who not just survives any unforeseen or expected change, but utilizes it to the benefit of the organization and the stakeholders. With Artificial Intelligence becoming more popular and efficient every single day, our world is on the brink of historic changes. The world of project management will not be immune to it. Education Edge is one of those project management institutes that trains you to embrace changes and thrive in it. Training with us guarantees that you will be equipped to ace project management no matter where you are and no matter what industry you work in.

Initiate your journey to success and contact us now.

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