Top 5 reasons to Become a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)


Certified Associate in Project Management or CAPM certification by PMI is one of the most popular professional designations throughout the world. This entry-level certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI) has the simplest eligibility requirements – you only have to have a high school diploma and 23 contact hours of project management education to become eligible for the CAPM exam. At the same time, it is one of the most advantageous decisions you can make for an ambitious and prosperous career in the management industry. Here are the top five practical reasons for becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

1. CAPM officially and globally validates your knowledge and skill

Getting CAPM certified establishes that you are thorough with all the basic and fundamental concepts and practices in project management. Passing a CAPM exam simply proves that you have a solid foundation and would be an indispensable asset to any organization all over the world. Certified Associate in Project Management : 

2. CAPM enhances your career opportunities

  • Introduces you to Project Management: the professional gets a fundamental knowledge about the project management process groups, learns about a project lifecycle, and identifies project, program, and portfolio management.
  • You gain a thorough understanding about project environment, and all the factors and elements that might impact the results of a project
  • Understand the role of a project manager and its importance and influence
  • Gain basic expertise in Project Integration Management
  • Understand and Identify Project Scope Management
  • Entry-level and fundamental understanding of Project Schedule Management, Cost Management Communication Management, Risk Management, procurement management, stakeholder management, quality management and resource management.

Passing a Certified Associate in Project Management exam indicates that you have a thorough knowledge about fundamentals of project management. Secondly, it also indicates that you are committed to the profession of project management. Since commitment and knowledge are two most desired qualities in a professional across industries, CAPM significantly increases your chances of landing a high paying job.

3. CAPM increases your earning potential

This goes hand in hand with the above reason. Since a CAPM certified professional has PMI certified knowledge, he is valued significantly more than his/her contemporaries. By becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management, you are likely to earn 22% higher than your contemporaries without a certification.

4. CAPM gives you access to a global community

PMI is a global certification with a homogenized exam and exam content outline throughout the globe. Earning the PMI CAPM certification sets you at par with the best of project management professionals across the globe. Additionally, your CAPM exam prep facilitates you to network with other professionals, and learn from their experiences

5. CAPM gives you an opportunity to switch careers.

In today’s competitive world, switching careers has become a difficult process. If you are someone who wishes to transition into the profession of project management, becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management can be an advantageous stepping stone. A CAPM certification indicates that even though you lack the years of project management experience, you are familiar with the best and most efficient management practices and methodologies. This proves that you will be an asset to a project management team.

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Job opportunities and Average salary of a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

If you are a CAPM certified professional, you will have job opportunities throughout various industries such as in IT (Information Technology), healthcare, construction, finance, etc. Depending upon your academic background and skill set, you might be eligible to apply for the role of:

Professional rolesAverage Salaries per year (approx)
Project Coordinator $52655
Project Administrator$62570
Project Analyst$67266
Assistant Project Manager$70366
Junior Project Manager$62990
Business Analyst$70000
Construction Project Coordinator$61840
Healthcare Project Coordinator$70171
IT Project Coordinator$60854

Becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management is a credential that will look great on your resume and will make you stand out from the non-certified professionals. You are more likely to get hired and will even get paid significantly higher. More importantly, CAPM certification builds and boosts your confidence in your skillset as it equips you with a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of Project Management. Since the CAPM Exam Content Outline (ECO) is now going to include knowledge about agile methodologies and business analysis frameworks, it is bound to become even more popular. 

This PMI certification not only needs minimal eligibility criteria, but also has a relatively easier exam in comparison to other PMI certifications. Moreover, once you earn your CAPM certification, you automatically fulfill the 35 hours of Project Management education that is required to sit for the PMP exam and get PMP certified. Thus, becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management can be the beginning of a very rewarding career.

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