Tips to Get Business Analysis Jobs in Canada this Year!

Want to get a job abroad? Well, here are the tips to get business analysis jobs in Canada that you don’t wanna miss!


If you are a newcomer or a resident of Canada seeking a career in business analysis. In that case, the good news is that there is an immense demand for business analysts in the Canadian market. 

Business analysis is currently one of the fastest-growing jobs, with 14% industry growth expected between 2014 and 2024 as well as various business analysis certifications to enhance the quality of business analysis. 

What is Business Analysis?

A business analysis combines acquiring insight from data using specialized approaches and executing tasks to discover a business’s needs—then advising adjustments and giving solutions that add value to the stakeholders.

Business Analysis Skills

The business analysis is a disciplined approach that acquires insight from data using specialized approaches and executing tasks to discover a business’s needs and then modifying adjustments and giving solutions that add value to the stakeholders.


Business Analysis Salary in Canada

According to Job Bank Canada, the average salary of a business analyst ranges between $25.00 to $67.69 per hour. You can secure a high-salary package as per your skills and experience.

Business Analyst Salaries Per Region

Check out the average business analyst salaries per region in Canada (as per Job Bank Canada).

Business Analyst Occupation List

The following occupations are available in Canada. So, check out the job title of business analyst with their average salary (as per Glassdoor).

Popular Business Analyst Certifications

Business Analyst is an amazing career path and you can further enhance this career through certifications.

These certifications will not only help in enhancing your BA skills but will also increase the salary package. Here are some popular business analyst certifications.

Tips to Get Business Analysis Jobs in Canada

Follow these tips to get business analysis jobs in Canada with ease. 

1. Choose an Internship Career Path

An internship bridges the gap between the educational and professional worlds. They are an excellent method to ease your way into the Canadian BA job market.

An internship provides practical skills, workplace experience, and a better understanding of the sector.

2. Gather Knowledge

Enhance your skills by gathering information through different online BA forums and groups available in Canada. 

Participating in these forums and conferences will help to gain knowledge about business analysis. It can also assist you in making contacts with professionals.

3. Boost Skills

Before applying for a business analysis job boost your skills. You should focus on the basic skills like communication, analytical skills, problem-solving, etc that are required to become a successful business analyst. 

4. Be Certified

Gaining a business analyst certification is essential if you want to be a chosen BA and boost your chances of success. Certification can boost overall performance, reduce uncertainty, and expand market opportunities. 

Education Edge provides various business analyst certifications like ECBA, CCBA, CBAP, and more. These certifications not only provide a good foundation for entering the BA industry but also boost your salary.

Eligibility Criteria of Business Analyst

The education and experience requirements may vary depending on the needs of the company. However, to become a business analyst in Canada you must possess the basic eligibility criteria.

Must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as business, finance, economics, or IT. 

Sometimes employers demand a master’s degree. So, having a master’s degree can provide you with a competitive advantage. 

Top Recruiters for Business Analysis in Canada

Here is the list of top recruiters of business analysis in Canada.

  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Deloitte
  • Robert Half Canada
  • Zortech Solutions
  • eHealth Saskatchewan
  • Randstad
  • Adroit Associates
  • Vretta Inc.
  • Seven Hills Group Technologies Inc
  • Phoenix Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a career as a business analyst secure?

Business Analyst is a desirable career choice since it pays well and has plenty of job prospects. BAs also report high job satisfaction and work-life balance.

2. Is business analytics in high demand in Canada?

As a result, the business analytics sector in Canada is one of the most demanding and opportunistic fields for thriving professionals seeking a stable career.

3. Can I work as a business analyst as a fresher?

ANS: Yes, it is possible to become a business analyst as a fresher but enroll in an ECBA Certification training course, which will allow you to become certified and put you ten times ahead in your business analyst job as a newcomer.

4. How much can I expect to earn as a business analyst?

ANS: According to Job Bank Canada, a business analyst earns $41.03 per hour in Canada.

5. Which skills are required to become a business analyst?

ANS: The following are the required business analyst skills.
– Analytical Thinking 
– Problem-solving skills
– Organizational skills
– Oral and written communication skills
– Interpersonal skills 

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