CBAP Certification: Is It Essential for Business Analysts?

CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. To know more about it check this blog. READ ON!


CBAP is a business analysis certification offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). It is a third-level certification after CCBA certification. It is designed for those individuals who have extensive business analyst experience. 

According to IIBA, Being CBAP certified you can earn 13% more. Hence to know more about it check out this blog. 

CBAP Certification Requirements

The candidates must possess the following requirements to qualify for the Certified Business Analysis Professional exam.

1. Work Experience in Business Analysis:

You must have completed at least 7,500 hours of business analysis work in the last 10 years.

2. Knowledge Area Expertise:

Among these 3,750 hours, fulfill the requirement of a minimum of 900 hours in each of 4 out of the 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas, at least 3,600 hours out of the total required 7,500

3. Professional Growth:

You must have completed at least 35 hours of professional development in the last four years.

Must have 2 references

Acceptance of the CBAP Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions.

CBAP Exam Pattern

According to the International Institute of Business Analysis, the Certified Business Analysis Professional exam consists of 120 scenario and case study-based MCQs which must be completed within 3.5 hours. These questions are prepared from the BABOK guide. 

Blueprint of the Exam

Understand the knowledge areas of the certified business analysis exam in this exam blueprint. 

CBAP Certification Cost

To sit for the CBAP exam candidates must have to pay the exam fee. According to IIBA, the exam fee may vary depending on the members and non-members of IIBA. 

CBAP Certification Validity

Just like CCBA, CBAP certification is also valid for 3 years from the date of the certification issued. After the 3 years, candidates must renew their certification to keep it active.

Recertification Fees

According to IIBA, the following costs are involved to re-validate your certification.

Who is a CBAP 

If you are wondering for whom CBAP certification is right then according to IIBA this certification is for

1. Candidates who have extensive business analyst work experience

2. CCBA designation professionals

3. Non-BA consultant

4. Product Manager

5. BA trainers

6. Hybrid business analyst professionals, such as

  • Project managers
  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Change & Transformation Managers
  • Testers
  • Designers

Benefits of CBAP Certification 

Becoming a CBAP can improve a professional’s overall work chances, compensation expectations, and career standing. 

Here are some benefits of obtaining the CBAP certification.

1. Showcase your expertise, knowledge, and experience:

It shows you have the required knowledge, expertise, and BA skills to handle projects as an effective business analyst professional.

2. Make an impression on future employers:

In a crowded and competitive applicant pool, holding the CBAP certification may help you stand out. 

Additionally, helps to showcase your dedication and skills toward your career to the employer and peers.

3. Increase your pay potential:

According to IIBA data for its Annual Business Analysis Survey, CBAP-certified business analysis professionals earn 13% more than uncertified experts. 

4. Satisfaction with a Personal Milestone:

It indicates that a BA professional is an expert in their industry. This is something that assists individuals in climbing the success ladder and achieving their objectives and dreams. 

It assists them in being an efficient and trustworthy BA. Obtaining CBAP certification is a significant achievement that significantly boosts one’s confidence.

5. Advanced Career Prospects:

Companies throughout the world are always on the lookout for highly knowledgeable and skilled BAs. Companies want to hire BA specialists with industry-recognized qualifications such as CBAP, CCBA, and ECBA certification. 

This certification not only gives the much-desired income rise but also more prospects for promotions and new career options. It helps in remaining one step ahead of the competition by giving. 

In short, it assists people in advancing their career potential by carving out a distinct and distinct path within the IT industry and business community.

Summing up, now you have learned about CBAP certification, its eligibility criteria, test format, and exam cost. So, fulfill your dream of becoming CBAP certified with Education Edge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a CBAP certification cost?

ANS: The CBAP exam fee structure is.
1. Application fees are $145 which is non-refundable
2. Candidates who are members of IIBA pay $350 while non-members pay $505

2. What is the CBAP certification exam format? 

ANS: The CBAP test is a scenario and case study-based multiple-choice question exam. The candidate has 3.5 hours to answer the 120 multiple-choice questions.

3. What is the passing score for the CBAP certification exam?

ANS: The IIBA has not disclosed any passing score or percentage points for the CBAP certification exam. 

4. What is the full form of CBAP certification?

ANS: The CBAP stands for Certified Business Analyst Professional.

5. What is the validity of CBAP certification?

ANS: The CBAP certification is valid for 3 years from the date of the certification issued. 

6. Is CBAP certification worth the money?

ANS: The CBAP certification is highly recognized globally, it not only showcases your expertise and knowledge as an experienced professional but also helps in increasing the pay scale.

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