Roadmap to a successful CBAP Certification exam prep!

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Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is one of the most established certifications in business analysis market offered by IIBA. CBAP Certification is the best suitable for business analysis professionals with over 5 years of experience. Here’s a roadmap to obtaining the prestigious credential.

Get familiar with the exam format and blueprint

Once you appear for the exam, there are several things of which you need to be familiar with -exam outline, format, and information.

Study the BABOK Guide

Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) is deemed the most essential content for the research when preparing for the CBAP exam. It is advised that all the subject areas and concepts covered in the exam are understood and followed over.

Read certification preparation books

n conjunction to the BABOK guide, additional exam prep books are also the best resources for the practical understanding of the principles and for understanding and preparing for the exam.

CBAP Certification training

There are a number of online self-study courses available that can help you navigate through the courses in a limited time. But training programs in classroom are strongly recommended. The educational providers will also provide you with professional development hours (PDUs) mandatory to be eligible for the certification exam.

Practice with CBAP mock tests

On the web, there are several sources that will provide you with sample question papers intended for examination. A strong study plan is must. Complete the defined goals as you move along and do as many mock tests as you can.

The market for business analysts has caused a dramatic rise in the CBAP certification. Individuals use this credential to lift in an organization’s ladder and therefore get developed skills and knowledge together with great incentives and pay-outs. The level of difficulty to obtain this credential depends on how well you are preparing for exam.

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