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What is the SPRINT – SPRINT is one of the innovations at Education Edge out of continuous learning, addressing gaps and most importantly delivering value to the PMP Training Participants. I do not know of one institution that goes over and beyond when it comes to delivering value to the PMP course participants, SPRINT is Education Edge’s statement and that’s what separates us from the rest.

The IDEA – The idea of Sprint came out of one the PMP Training sessions in March 2017, when we decided to create a forum to keep everyone focused even after the PMP Course completes. Initially, it was an email that I would send out at 2:30 am each morning to all the PMP Course participants with daily tasks. This went on for around 45 days.

I was learning as the days progressed. Every morning the alarm went off at 2:00 am (somehow time does not stop) and emails kept flying out. Let me tell you, it was exhausting, but it provided phenomenal momentum to the PMP Training participants.

In the end it was all worth it!!

As we continued with the courses, Dave and Rachel added new features and functions to the SPRINT and it became a consumable product. The addition of SPRINT to the PMP Training Course increased the rate of people attempting the exam by 27% and took the pass rate to almost 100%.

From those days to now –

In it’s current state, SPRINT is a 2 phased preparation tool.

In the first phase, SPRINT focuses on going over each PMBOK knowledge areas and attempting 10 exams from each knowledge area. Prep for each knowledge area entails 2 days of PMBOK read of that specific PMBOK knowledge area followed by an exam on the third day. Phase 1 of the Sprint also called Sprint 1 takes 30 days (10 knowledge areas and 3 days each, starting from Integration and ending at Stakeholder).

Phase 2 of the Sprint also called Sprint 2, entails attmpting three 200 question exams. Scoring over 75% on these exams marks readiness for PMP Exam.

Purpose of the Sprint: SPRINT has been a critical tool for almost all the PMP course participants and ALL the folks that have passed the PMP Exam as of Mar 2017 (352 PMP Certified and counting). Sprint keeps us on schedule, motivated and focused with an end goal in sight. Dave and I are the moderators of the Sprint and we stay with you throughout the course of your PMP journey providing insight and guidance on your progress. Sprint brings together all the class participants with everyone working towards one goal, which is to get PMP Certified.

Sprint Fee – The first 5 sprints were free as we were still testing it’s usefulness and value. The Sprint would have remained FREE if I were to manage it, but the strain is just a bit too much. The project of this magnitude can not be delivered efficiently if right resources and knowledge is not applied. And hence in Feb 2018, we decided to add a nominal fee of $150 to the sprint. I was not too comfortable with it, so we decided to reduce the PMP Course fees by $100.

Trust the Process – Trust our process and this investment into the Sprint will be all worth it!! We continue to evolve it and it becomes more effective and efficient.

Instructions to Enrol – To enroll in the SPRINT, kindly send your enrollment request to Rachel at Our SPRINT has a nominal fee of $150.

Hemant Dhariyal – Founder and Mentor at Education Edge and Talent Connected Worldwide

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