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How much time and money for PMP Certification?

The difficulty level of the exam depends on the time and efforts one puts it. The exam is usually hard and requires extensive training and preparation. On average, it takes around 2-3 month as PMP Preparation time.

The total time an applicant takes is around 180 hours of studies, to pursue the certification and can be achieved in 2 ways:
• 8 hours per day and finish the preparation in 23 days.
• 4 hours per day and finish the preparation in 45 days.

The PMP Preparation time depends on the style of study and capability of the candidate. The Candidate must choose the study materials accordingly that will help them prepare for the PMP Certification. The applicants must consider the option which suits them the best along with the budget. There are tools in the market which are both efficient and cost-effective.

The PMP training course focuses on 10 knowledge areas and 5 processes as defined in the PMBOK Guide version 6:

• Planning.
• Initiating.
• Executing.
• Monitoring & Controlling.
• Closing.

The PMP stream is for project managers and helps them in making decisions about minimizing uncertainty and controlling risk, the roles, and responsibilities of a Project Manager extends much more.

Take PMP Course and training to gain the required professional development units (PDs).
• Becoming a registered PMI Member: US$ 139.
• PMP Certification fee for Members: US$ 405.
• PMP Certification fee for Non-Members: US$ 555.
• 35 hours of Project Management training fee: US$200 approximately.
• PMP Exam Study guide fee: US$100 approximately.

The certifications have a fair amount of benefits. With the increase in demand for certification holders, it not only increases the salary dramatically but establishes credibility, the confidence to lead and gives better job prospects and opportunities.

Benefits in opting Project Manager as a career option

• Better efficiency in delivering services.
• Better flexibilities.
• Growth and development.
• Great pay, etc.

The applicant needs to have an extensive and planned PMP preparation time along with a thorough knowledge of the concepts of the PMBOK Guide. A 35-hour PMP training is mandatory, irrespective of the education or experience the applicant holds. The applicant must also earn 60 professional development hours (PDs) every 3 years to maintain the PMP certification. There are 3 ways to obtain the required 35 hours, they are; classroom training, online/self-study training or live-online/instructor-led training.

For more information regarding the exam, PMP preparation time and training or its process in detail, get in touch with our experts and get a FREE Counselling session.

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