Lesson Learned Sidharth – PMP Course

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share with you all that I have passed the PMP certification exam on April 27 in the first attempt, months after finishing the classroom PMP Course with Education Edge . The purpose for me sharing is that for others who have yet not taken the exam, it is never too late.

We all have tons of things to contend and accomplish in our daily lives and often we end up sacrificing our aspirations. As for me I had to contend with recovering from a motor vehicle accident and then trying to squeeze in time for preparation of PMP exam. Since finishing the course with Hemant and Dave in September, it was not an easy task to get back in grind . But, the exceptional and excellent course material prepared by Hemant in addition to the excellently structured Sprint program put things back on track in no time. The PMP course classroom sessions were able to build a solid understanding of the concepts and the revision material further enhanced the knowledge and confidence.

I struggled reading the PMBOK Guide and it was hard to get the reading part done as prescribed, But for me , the Education Edge handbook , the Office Reads, and those excellently structured exams helped me to master the concepts. The exams are a very good reflection on what to expect in the actual PMP exam. In my Honest opinion, If you do good on the PMP Exam Prep exams, you are bound to pass in actual PMP exam

So if you have not taken the exam yet, I urge you to dust off the preparation material and ace the exam.

Lastly, I would like to thank Hemant and Team for being excellent motivators and mentors. you have created what I would term as a fail proof Roadmap to success for PMP aspirants and it will ensure loads of aspirants like me having no exceptional mental prowess, are able to achieve their goals of becoming certified PMP.

Best Wishes and Best of Luck to my fellow PMP aspirants.


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