You’ve passed the PMP Certification exam. What now?


The Project Management Professional – PMP Certification, is offered by the globally-renowned PMI. The program is designed to measure the level of competence of experienced and skilled project managers. It takes around 2-3 months on average to prepare and undergo the PMP Certification course to obtain the prestigious credential.

Below are the 8 tips after you obtain PMP Certification

Have a detailed and comprehensive project plan

On your way ahead the plan may fluctuate. But having a definite plan for your career ahead is always advisable. Having a plan lets you get a promising start.

Communication is the key

Have strong communication with the team you work with after you have earned credentials for PMP Certification.

Identify the Project risks from the beginning

It is also advised that you strive from the start to define project risks and obligations. Things continue to shift with time, but need to be recognized every time, and conveyed to all.

Use accurate metrics

Make sure you use precise measures to monitor your project status because the results not only indicate where the project is but can help project managers to assess the potential success and course of the project.

Know about the corporate culture

Get a clear understanding and grasp how the organization operates. Know the internal process roles of the organization, and be reasonable in opposing management styles.

Engage with the stakeholders

Keep the stakeholders up to date and provide the project requirements to ensure their goals are met. Stakeholders have a largest interest in a project’s success.

Use the tools

Keep track of your project, use the triple constant of scope, time and cost. These 3 elements in project management are essential.

Utilize the effective processes

The process lets the team get ready to function. Starting small will increase the probability for the process of successful adoption.

The candidate must perform and stand out in demand business functions. They also needed a mix of appropriate expertise, knowledge and keenness for the required professional development units.

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