What are the skills required to ace the PMP Exam?


Needless to say, for the first time test-takers, PMP Certification is a difficult nut to crack and failure rate is quite on the higher side at an estimated 50 percent (approx.) Not too long ago, test takers with several years of experience struggled to pass the PMP exam merely because they treated it lightly and underestimated the degree of difficulty. Pre-requisite for PMP exams involve having at least 35 PDUs and investing 35 hours or more to get ready and to be sure you have what it takes to ace the exam.

It is also important that we consider the importance of planning and strategizing, as well as identify all relevant learning areas lead to PMP certification.

To begin with:

  • Thoroughly read the PMBOK Guide (the latest edition)
  • Review books of reference material provided by recognized training institutions.
  • Pursue a recognized PMP training
  • Hands-on knowledge from industry expert trainers.
  • Attend doubt clearing sessions.
  • Take mock exam tests.
  • Perform better at exam simulators.
  • Last but not least, no matter what training program you follow to insure that you read the PMBoK guide at least twice (focus on a table illustrating the interaction between 13 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups with 47 processes and how they contribute to project management).

It is critical that you consider the preparation process for certification of PMP as a project. Prepare a plan detailing all of the events prior to the PMP certification. Split the sessions of study into smaller portions, and carry it at a time. The most crucial aspect is to get enrolled from a renowned institution in a PMP training program to understand PMBoK, perform mock exams, review specific content, contact with the instructor as well as other advantages and insure that you ace the exam on the first attempt.

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