What are the 5 steps for Control Scope Process?


The Scope Management Knowledge Area’s final process is the Control Scope process. Among PMP exam questions you may encounter various questions regarding this method as this is a vital Scope Management process. You may have knowledge of the Control Scope Process if you are currently participating in a PMP training course.

5 steps for Control Scope Process

Step 1: The first phase in the cycle of control scope is measuring performance against baseline scope. To test if the work delivered satisfies the initially agreed requirements, it is measured against the baseline of scope. The baseline scope stores the last and latest scope of a project.

Step 2: The second step is to determine the magnitude of the variance. The extent of variance is identified after making the evaluation and checks whether the delivered work does not meet the agreed requirements and scope.

Step 3: The third step of control scope process is to determine if a corrective action or a preventive action is required. This variance will be fixed after the variance against the baseline for the scope is determined. This can be improvements or flaws or preventive actions that would reduce the likelihood of possible variances in scope.

Step 4: The fourth step is the updating of the scope baseline, project management plan or project documents. Based on the corrective and preventive actions that will be required to resolve the variances and get back on track to the scope baseline, the documents and plans will be revised.

Step 5: The fifth and final stage of control scope process is an evaluation of the effects of changes. Change requests can be the output of the control scope process. Then to determine the effects of the project change request, the impact of such changes should be evaluated. Because the change control board may very well decide whether to accept a change request by assessing the impact of the changes.

If you are currently participating in a PMP training course, you may have knowledge about the steps of Control Scope Process mentioned above. If you’re not yet enrolled in a course, you may consider taking a PMP exam prep to get a brief introduction to the Control Scope process and all such processes.

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