PMP: What is Project Time Management?


If you are considering applying for a PMP Certification , you are probably aware that Project Time Management is an essential field of expertise. As the name implies, and as described in the PMI certification training, it includes processes required to monitor the project’s completion on time.

What is the goal of Project Time Management?

There are several stakeholders of a project, many project team leaders and even many tasks that need to be carried out in order to reach the goals and objectives of the project. It guarantees the project operations are coordinated, sequenced and finished in sufficient time to deliver the project on time.

What is the output of Project Time Management?

The primary output is the Project Schedule. The Project Schedule indicates the start and end dates of each activity, the activity interrelationship, and the start and end dates of the overall project, respectively.

The 7 Processes of Project Time Management

There are 7 processes to this area of knowledge. Most project time tracking takes place while planning and 6 knowledge area processes belong to the project planning process category and only one process belongs to the Project Monitoring and Process Control category.

  • Plan Schedule Management: Organizing the time planning of project activities.
  • Define Activities: It helps to identify the activities needed for the project to be carried out.
  • Sequence Activities: It determines the interrelationship between the activities.
  • Estimate Activity Resources: Estimates of the activity resource are planned.
  • Estimate Activity Durations: Resources from the activity present their estimates for the activities they are assigned to.
  • Develop Schedule: The information gathered during earlier processes is gathered, and the overall schedule of the project is established.
  • Control Schedule: It monitors the schedule of the project against the baselines and takes corrective measures and preventive actions to keep the project on course.

Project Time Management is all about the relationship between the activities, determining the start and end dates of the activities, establishing the schedule for the project and ensuring that the project activities are completed on time.

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