Strategist to practice on your actual PMP Exam day


You’ve travelled far following weeks of exam prep – and are now ready to take the Project Management Professional – PMP Exam. You realize that you have trained yourself physically and mentally and that you are prepared to handle the questions asked in the test with utmost confidence. And that is the attitude needed to excel – an attitude borne out of determination to pass this daunting examination. Here are some of the guidelines you can practice – to ace the certification exam.

PMP exam tips to handle your actual PMP exam day

Wake up early and have a good breakfast, without something new or unusual food that upsets you. Wear comfortable clothing on the exam day. You don’t know the weather at the test venue so it’s best to come prepared. Wear a few layers of clothing that can be easily removed in case you get heated enough, or just in case you get a scarf or a jumper. Note also to bring your Identification-to sign in, you must hold at least two ID. Carry similar documents to your passport and driver’s license which ensures that they have compatible details such as your name, address and other things regarding you. It will not recognize the Social Security Cards and job badges.

It’s also a good idea to go to the exam venue early so you can consider the position and change your mind and body to the actual exam. There’s nothing like being in parallel with the environment to help you relax before the examination.

You won’t be allowed to take anything inside the examination hall. The PMP Certification exam centre contains everything you need. Personal items such as your passport, cell phones, and your watch will be transferred to a locker. Put your bottled water and snacks into the locker too for your break. You can use the computer-based calculator provided during the examination.

Spend a little time before in front of the computer before starting the exam, breathe deeply and digest whatever you see to help you relax. Find your pace as you dive deep. To learn more about the exam pattern – go through a 5-minute guided tour. Spending time on the guided tour will allow you to calm down and get the layout correct. The trip isn’t counted towards the date of your test. The clock starts when you start the test and the four hours start ticking. And if you take breaks it does not stop ticking. But it’s suggested to have a 5-10 minute break at around half-time.

Understand each question carefully

You can mark the questions – about whose response you are not sure about. Marking helps you locate it again easily and then come back to check the answer later. Most test-takers often say that they may later find a problem in the study that causes a recall to correctly answer one of the problems they have identified.

Don’t panic when you come across a series of tough questions you can’t answer. This usually occurs. Label the questions, and continue. Let your subconscious work on them, when concentrating on other test areas. Then come back and the answer all of a sudden appears clear.

You can see how relevant it is for your test day to undergo the PMP training for the exam and the exam prep. It is always a good idea to have as many things ready as possible – before you sit down to take the computer-based exam. Having a solid study plan will make you organized in the proper frame to take on the PMP Exam.

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