5 PMP Certification exam day pointers before you write!


Even for the most profound, PMP Certification exam preparation is always daunting and never much of a fun. It is important to keep your cool and give your best. Since you have dedicated a lot of time and hard work into preparing for the exam – you certainly don’t waste the opportunity. You want to get the most out of your exam prep and land on the highest score possible. Below mentioned are 5 pointers you need to keep in mind – to come fully prepared and on top of your game while appearing for the certification exam.

5 Key pointers to help you ace the PMP Exam

  • Advance surveillance – Know the venue of the examination, and visit it before your exam day. Make sure you know how to get there. Figure out how long it will take to get to the location, factoring in foreseen delays.
  • Know what is allowed – The PMI does not permit you to bring any materials with you. You will be provided a rough sheet to use if necessary. A calculator will also be provided to you – either on a computer, or a separate device. Watches or other accessories are also NOT permissible.
  • Be prepared for the surroundings – You will be under surveillance via video camera during the exam. Stay focused. As for the room temperature, it varies on conditions and the time of year. Dress in layers for flexibility.
  • Arrive early – Try reaching the examination venue 20 – 30 minutes before the start of your examination. This will make up for any sort of delays you might encounter travelling, along with giving you some time to relax before beginning. Rushing will increase stress – which is counterproductive.
  • Self-care – Be well rested and eat wisely. Treat your body well. Fuel your brain! You don’t want to be drowsy from a large meal, nor do you want to be hungry whilst appearing for the exam. Eat a small prior meal – depending on the time of your exam. This will enhance your confidence level to tackle the questions.

Make sure you follow these practices! You have invested so much going through the PMP Exam prep – it would be silly not to increase your chances of getting certified.
Good Luck!

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