10 Best Project Management Book in 2024: A Must-Read List

Project Management Book is the best way to improve your project management skills in 2024. We have created a list of the top 10 project management books for those who want to thrive in this ever-changing field. These books cover every aspect, from traditional methodologies to innovative techniques, ensuring you stay ahead in the project management field.

Therefore, read this article to learn about the 10 Best Project Management Books in 2024, which promises to enlighten, motivate, and transform your approach to project management.

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10 Best Project Management Books in 2024

Check out the list of the 10 best project management books in 2024 below.

1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)

This book is considered the industry standard for project management and is frequently used as a reference for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Author: Project Management Institute (PMI)

2. Project Manager Absolute Beginner’s Guide

This book is a top choice for beginners in project management, and covers essential concepts in depth, from planning and control to starting agile project management. The updated 4th edition includes the most recent web-project management tools, preparing readers for the most recent PMP Certification Exam.

Author: Greg Horine

3. Project Management for Non-Project Manager

This book is essential for beginners because it not only describes project managers’ responsibilities but also differentiates them from different types of managers. It shows the distinction between project and functional managers, focusing on their approaches to change and improvement to increase productivity and success.

Author: Jack Ferraro

4. Be Fast or Be Gone: Racing the Clock with Critical Chain Project Management

If you like fiction, this book will introduce you to Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) through the characters Mike Knight and his son Tim. When Tim is diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, Mike quits his job and uses CCPM to expedite a pharmaceutical solution. The book simplifies CCPM for inexperienced project managers.

Author: Andreas Scherer

5. Agile Project Management with Scrum

This book introduces Scrum rules and principles with simple examples, including scaling projects, addressing complexity, creating Scrum teams, creating documents and events, and exploring the Capability Maturity Model for software development best practices.

Author: Ken Schwaber

6. Project Management Case Studies

This excellent project management book, ideal for the Intermediate level, includes case studies from major companies such as Disney, Airbus, Motorola, and The Olympics. It’s an invaluable resource for aspiring PMPs preparing for the latest certification exam, with a focus on Agile and Scrum.

Author: Harold Kerzner

7. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management 

This book, based on the author’s background managing projects for Internet Explorer, Windows, and MSN provides valuable insights for project managers in the software industry. 

Therefore, it focuses on the philosophy and strategy of effective project management, including topics like:

  • How not to annoy people
  • How to make things happen
  • Making good decisions
  • What to do when things go wrong

It is beneficial for both current and future projects because it focuses on practical expertise rather than specific methods.

Author: Scott Berkun

8. Brilliant Project Management (3rd Edition)

This advanced project management book skips the theory and focuses on the fundamentals. It is useful for experienced managers and grows with each reading. It is a timeless guide on project management principles, regardless of methodology.

Author: Stephen Barker

9. The Lazy Project Manager: How To Be Twice As Productive And Still Leave The Office Early

The book shows the importance of using TOC, Lean, and Six Sigma approaches to achieve better results. It highlights advanced project management and works for better on-time delivery and profitability while using the well-known Pareto principle.

Author: Peter Taylor

10. The Agile Mind-Set: Making Agile Processes Work 

This book introduces the Agile mindset in project management, providing insights on best practices and tools. Hence, this will teach you to learn how to apply Agile principles, focusing on values such as people first, adaptation, early value delivery, and customer collaboration.

Author: Gil Broza

Benefits of Reading Project Management Books

Here are the benefits of reading project management books.

  • Describes risk management strategies for project success.
  • Improves communication skills, which are essential for team collaboration and understanding.
  • Improves leadership abilities for efficient project coordination and execution.
  • Provides useful techniques for resource allocation and utilization.
  • Encourages a methodical approach to project initiation, planning, and completion.
  • Creates a solid foundation for project goals and objectives.
  • Improves the problem-solving abilities necessary to overcome project obstacles.
  • Develops a strategic mindset for successful project planning and execution.

Summing up, now you know the 10 best project management books of 2024 for beneficial ideas and strategies. Hence, whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, these books will help you improve your skills and stay current on industry trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these books appropriate for beginners?

ANS: Yes, the list contains books for beginners that provide a solid foundation in project management principles.

2. Is there a particular order in which I should read these books?

ANS: No specific order is required. Choose based on your current project management requirements or interests.

3. Are e-books or hard copies preferred for these books?

ANS: The decision between e-books and physical copies is an individual one. Both formats provide the same useful information.

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