How much experience is required to quality for PMP Certification?


If you are an aspiring applicant seeking the PMP Certification, in order to apply for the certification test, you may have come across the prerequisites needed by the Project Management Institute (PMI). So, without any previous training, is it possible to get the project management credential? The answer is NO.

What are the prerequisites for the PMP?

  • Minimum of three years (36 months) of project management experience.
  • 4,500 hours spent on direct and leading projects for bachelors or undergraduate.
  • 7,500 hours spent on direct and leading projects for non-bachelors.
  • 35 hours of PMP training.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate their expertise, experience, comprehension and level in competency of project management principles and vocabulary in order to become a qualified project manager. The PMI regulatory body needs to make sure the applicant can decode the theoretical information into real-life activities. This makes companies sure in the candidate’s ability and that they can have productive solutions for any given assignment or mission. This is one of the key reasons that employers choose to hire accredited applicants over their uncertified counterparts.

Do you qualify through the above mentioned prerequisites?

Don’t let you be discouraged by it. If you do not satisfy the PMP prerequisites, there is still a good choice for you. The PMI provides an entry-level certification for project management, known internationally as CAPM. The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is designed as a project manager for applicants with limited expertise and strives to advance in the industry. You will be happy for the PMP after you have obtained the extra experience.

It’s a smart idea to include a technical degree in your resume, regardless matter what credential you are preparing for, if it’s a PMI or IIBA Certification. A licensed trained witness, with a higher pay, is a better career choice. In the industry, you should create solid networks and grow in your career and get the best out of it.

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