Features of the Best PMP Prep Course

Features of the Best PMP Prep Course

PMP certification is one of the most financially rewarding certification for a project manager. Besides guaranteeing a higher salary, being a Project Management Professional (PMP) assures exponential professional growth. An effective and thorough PMP prep course is a deciding factor in earning the coveted PMI credential.
Being a popular project management credential, there are many PMP prep courses available in Canada. This makes choosing the right training program difficult. This blog aims to list the characteristics of an effective and successful PMP prep

1. Provided by an ATP

A PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) is completely aligned with the vision and principle values of the Project Management Institution (PMI). An ATP satisfies rigorous and high PMI standards and therefore guarantees efficiency and success. Enrolling with a PMI certified PMP prep course ensures:

  • A uniform, high-quality and updated content
  • PMI-approved trustworthy and dependable learning
  • The best and PMI-certified trainers
  • Mandatory PDUs to apply for the PMP exam.

Therefore before choosing a PMP prep course, you must verify if it is provided by an PMI Authorized Training Partner.

2. Offers High-quality PMP prep course

Working smart is as important for success as is working hard. The best PMP prep course offers the highest quality content to its trainees. The PMP exam is aligned with the PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep and not PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). A successful PMP training will adhere to the PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO). Additionally, the course must be designed not just to help you ace your PMP exam but to also enhance and strengthen your project management knowledge and skills in the longer run.
Features of the Best PMP Prep Course

3. Conducted by PMI certified professionals

The efficiency and success of a training course depends on its trainers. Before enrolling in a PMP prep course, assess the training panel. The trainers must be PMP certified themselves and 

their credential must be valid and not suspended or expired

4. Flexible and adaptive to your busy schedule and time

Training a project manager is different from training students. Project managers have an extremely demanding schedule that makes it difficult for them to devote too much time to an exhaustive training course. This factor also hinders them to pursue the PMP certification training. An effective PMP prep course is sensitive to the time constraints of professionals. It must offer smart and effective learning that can be imparted and completed in a shorter amount of time.

5. Simplifies knowledge

Simplified knowledge not only results in strong and clear concepts but also facilitates better assimilation of information. Opting for a PMP certification training that simplifies complex concepts guarantees you a better and faster learning experience and consequently enhanced performance during the PMP exam.

6. Offers plenty of practice

A thorough and successful training is one that offers you rigorous practice. The PMP exam is conducted for 3 hours 50 minutes. You must be trained to stay proficient throughout the exhaustive exam. A PMP prep course that offers you many simulated exams is the one that is designed to better prepare and equip you for the PMP certification exam. Your PMP prep course must provide many practice questions and mock exams completely aligned with the PMI exam.
Features of the Best PMP Prep Course

7. Offers post-course support

Your training does not end until you successfully earn your PMP credential. A good prep course will provide you constant post-course support and will assist you in completing your PMI audit, applying for the PMP exam as well as maintaining the validity of your certification.

8. Has a high success rate

You know you have enrolled in the right PMP certification training if it has a high success rate. Nothing denotes the efficiency of a prep course better than its pass rate. Always verify how successful has the training course been and how well has it been received by the professionals. Very few PMP training courses have a 100% pass rate. However, enrolling in such course guarantees that you will ace your PMP exam.

Education Edge is a PMI ATP (4456) that satisfies all the above requirements and that’s what makes it the best PMP certification training institute in Canada. The institution boasts of a 100% pass rate or a money back guarantee. Most importantly the training is provided by the absolute best in the industry: Hemant Dhariyal, Dave Odigie, and Rachal Sidhu. All our instructors have earned not just the PMP certification but almost all PMI credentials, thus making them intellectual powerhouses of the project management industry.

Train with the best and become a Project Management Professional! Enroll with us now.

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