7 Quintessential tips to prepare for the CBAP Certification exam


One of the most sought-after certifications in corporate world is the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP). This is accredited for senior business analysts and is recognized by practitioners worldwide. It can be a daunting task to prepare for the CBAP Certification exam, where these 7 high-performing tips are sure to help you ace the certification exam.

Set an Action Plan

It is necessary to have an action plan; whichever examination you prepare. Grab your materials and determine how long you need to plan for the test, for months or hours. Fixing a target and making the most of it will go a long way to help get the road underway. For the CBAP examination, a duration of 3 months is more or less sufficient. Also to pursue extensive preparation, you can sign up for this examination well in advance.

Familiarize with the BABOK

Regardless of any guide you start, you will have to finish with BABOK. If you fail to master BABOK by heart, preparation for CBAP exam is incomplete. Make sure to link every single item that you’ve learned from all the other reading materials in the exam prep to the BABOK.

Have A Clear Understanding of the Concepts

Only gazing at chapters would give the preparation more harm than good. You ought to grasp the concepts and principles correctly to adapt them to every context in the examination hall. Do not hurry to provide answers, read and think about every question carefully before attempting.

Know A-Z About Knowledge Areas

Everyone has a specific suggestion, whatever the rule you follow — without understanding all the fields of knowledge and the relevant activities. It is equally necessary to learn the input, output and related technique. Only, during application, you will learn how to connect them to tasks. Before the D-day, make sure you have clear knowledge of all the terms.

Use Flash Cards

Some meanings and words are naturally difficult to retain. Take advantage of flash cards that classify each phrase in each of the areas of knowledge. That’s a great way of memorising the terms so you can create these cards or purchase a ready-made deck for yourself.

Get A CBAP Simulator

A CBAP simulator is a perfect way to test your knowledge. This includes crucial questions so you will have a clear description of what to expect from BABOK to avoid the risk of skipping.

Practice Is the Key

No matter how well you study, something seems different as you finally sit on these CBAP, CCBA, PgMP, PMP Certification, etc. exams. No matter how the action plan was, make sure to solve as many sample question papers as possible.

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