6 Perks of taking on CAPM Certification in 2021


Establishes Credibility and Knowledge

CAPM assesses applicants with PMI strict guidelines that mandate applicants to meet particular measures of experience, professional knowledge and education.  The CAPM credential evaluation process enforces the applicant’s commitment to follow the industry-standard ethics and code of conduct.

Help You Become a Confident Project Lead

A certification in CAPM not only improves a candidate’s knowledge in project management but also incorporates the potential to lead them in the workplace. As a credential for entry-level project management, applicants with less experience also know how to successfully handle a team in a variety of working environments in project management. A project management CAPM-certified associate will then serve as a core tool for every business function.

Understand the Best Project Management Practices

The CAPM Certification guidelines from PMI-PMBOK enables the practitioner to get to learn the best practice for project management. This incorporates relevant experience in project management practices such as project planning, execution, project control in order to achieve efficiency and project success.

Better Career Opportunities

Project management is indeed a competitive field, and so are the professional fields. As the market for the certified project manager is increasingly growing, the CAPM credential is being recognized globally. CAPM certification is acknowledged worldwide by all major companies from across the globe.

Opportunity in Versatile Job Profiles

CAPM is a project management entry-level certification intended for practitioners who have little to no experience of the area of project management. As the CAPM program discusses the fundamental concepts, terminologies and best practices in project management –  it offers them with several other jobs beyond project management.

Increased Salary Prospects

Since the CAPM certification demonstrates the project management skills for an applicant according to PMI standards, it works no doubt as a benefit. Even in the same organization, a certified professional from CAPM will receive a higher salary (~25% more) than non-certified practitioners because of the increasing need for employers’ with a CAPM Certification.

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