60 Day PMP Exam Study Plan


The certification requires a lot of preparation and a plan to learn and cover the material. It is also advised to not just rely on PMBOK guide and take mock tests as well as supplementary guides to help you along with the preparation. Some might find it difficult to pass the PMP exam, but it is definitely not an impossible task.
Below are details of a 60 day PMP exam study plan along with how many days each of the steps requires. The study plan is:
• 4 Days: Start by reading and going through relevant domains of the PMBOK Chapters 1-3. Write down all the key points on flashcards and try memorizing them. Have a clear concept about the domains and take practice quizzes.

• 4 Days: Next, read all the relevant material from the PMBOK guide Chapter 4 and make a list of all the inputs and outputs along with tools and techniques. Have a thorough understanding of the key materials and read all the lists carefully.

• 4 Days: Read all the key materials and concepts of the PMBOK chapter 5. Follow the previous steps. Take regular quizzes to know your weak areas.

• 4 Days: Cover the chapter 6 of the guide, where you will cover Project Time Management and related concepts. This is one the most crucial chapters to cover in the 60 day PMP exam study plan. Revise through all the notes carefully.

• 4 Days: Next, go through all the material within Chapter 7. This might take some to cover. Make sure you make list and take notes throughout the study plan.

• 4 Days: Have a thorough read on the concepts of Chapter 8 in the PMBOK guide. Write down all the key concepts introduced in the chapter.

• 4 Days: The chapters 9 and 10 feature concepts on Project Human Resource Management and Project Communication Management. Make a list of all the inputs and outputs of the important materials for both the chapters. Take practice quizzes.

• 4 Days: Further, cover the concepts of Project Risk Management in the 11th Chapter of the guide. Have all the key materials on your fingertips. Flashcards comes in help for the same.

• 4 Days: Read all the relevant study materials of the Chapter 12 which covers the domains of Project Procurement Management. Make sure you are clear with the concepts of chapter and a thorough with the terminology.

• 4 Days: This is the final chapter 13 that needs to be covered in the PMBOK guide and covers the concepts of Project Stakeholder Management. Take notes on each of the chapters and memorize them carefully. Make sure you take quizzes each day to further grasp the PMBOK Guide.

• 4 Days: Read all the PMBOK appendix and annex. Go through all the relevant materials. Take notes.

• 2 Days: Practice PMP formulas and try memorizing them. Spend some time taking practice quiz and review your practice quiz outcomes.

• 5 Days: Have the concepts, definitions and terminology of all the Chapters on your fingertips. This is a very important step in the 60 day PMP exam study plan. Make sure you give it all.

• 2 Days: Spend these 2 days by going through the output and input lists you have made.

• 2 Days: Take time to write down the tools and techniques lists and take mock tests on regular basis. Make sure you know your weak areas.

• 4 Days: Go through the PMP Process and try sequencing them and memorize them. Have a quick glance at the flashcards you had made earlier.

• 1 Day: The final day in the 60 day PMP exam study plan needs you have last day preparation and learn the Exam Center logistics. Take mock tests every day. Make sure you get a good night’s rest before the examination.

There are 2 ways to appear for the examination: Computerized and Paper-based. In both cases, there are 200 multiple-choice questions with 4 hours of the allotted time to complete them. And as 60% is the pass percentage, you will need to get approximately 138 questions right, to qualify for the PMP Certification. There are no scheduled breaks during the allotted time.

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