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Project Management Professional is one of the most recognized and sought certifications for project managers. PMP certified project managers are currently working across industry domains such as IT, Banking, Automotive, Construction, etc. The difficulty level makes upon how well you prepare for the examination. The PMP Certification checks your thorough understanding of the PMI Methodology. The certification requires extensive preparation and a plan to learn and cover the material.
The key to succeeding in the PMP Exam is to believe in yourself and find the right study material for the examination. Here are a few tips that will help clear the PMP Certification exam with ease.
Make a complete study goal. Make sure you set a study goal before you start with the preparations. Search for topics and PMP material that gives a detailed analysis of the topics. On average, it takes around 2-3 months to prepare and attain the certification. Decide how many months or weeks you need to prepare for the certification and get hold of the study materials. Setting a goal can help you in a long way and in turn, help you in the starting of the journey.

Know your weak areas of study. Take mock tests and solve sample question papers to identify your weak areas. Once you are done with them you can easily determine your weak areas and then you can highlight those areas and work hard on them. The questions must be answered according to PMIs standards. Below are the domains that are included in the PMBOK guide:

13% – Initiating
24% – Planning
31% – Executing
25% – Monitoring and Controlling
7% – Closing 25

Demonstrate your Knowledge: Memorizing the terms given in the PMBOK and applying its concept is important to succeed. The PMP Certification features numerous situational scenarios and a clear understanding of the language and the concepts of the knowledge is critical.

Use Flash Cards: Take help from Flash Cards that offer the definition of each and every term of the Knowledge areas. This is an easy way to memorize the terms and can help you retain the definitions and terms.

Consider training: A formal training can always help you prepare faster and last minute tips and ideas can always help you in cracking the PMP Certification.

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