PMP Certification salary increase


How does PMP affect your career?

Project Managers are the backbone of any project. The role of a Project Manager is mostly to oversee certain business projects and create the optimized processes to obtain project goals, timelines, and budgets to meet.

PMP certification has its fair amount of benefits. Not only the PMP Certification salary increases dramatically but establishes credibility, the confidence to lead and gives better job prospects and opportunities.

There are 5 basic factors used to become a Project Manager

Education: The certification requires necessary education qualification. Take internships and get involved with organizations to gain certain skills and experience.
Experience: Without effective training and communication with a project management team it would be impossible to be a successful Project Manager. The certification also has certain perquisites and work experience hours required for being a Project Manager.

Personal Skills: Develop right human relationship skills along with management skills and techniques. It is advisable to have a mentor at this stage to help you guide through this career path to becoming a project manager.

Tools of Trade: Organizations prefer to have their projects completed on time, within budget and with better quality. Knowledge of only soft skills may not be enough to become a complete project manager. Essential skills are also required, such as budgeting, scheduling, risk management, etc.
Certification: The project management industry is highly competitive and certification is the key to land bigger contracts and advances on your career path to becoming a project manager. Certification adds up more value to your application against competitors. It will not only give a job advantage but also set you apart with the skills and knowledge you possess.

How much does an individual earn from PMP Certification?

Working as a Project Manager with a certification can see a rise of 20% as a salary hike. There are certain domains that influence salary hike once you have obtained the PMP certification. They are:

1. Role in project management.
2. The average budget of the project.
3. Average team size of the project.
4. The type of industry.
5. Experience in the project management industry.
6. Location of the project.

The more project management experience you hold and bigger the project, the better the PMP Certification salary increase there will be.

According to the salary survey by the PMI, the PMP credential holder gets 20% higher salary in comparison to non-holder. The average salary for a male PMP manager lies between $6,59,180 to $21,73,385 whereas the average salary of a female PMP manager falls between $4,60,165 to $17,54,871.

What are the prerequisites for PMP Certification?

• Secondary Diploma with 7,500 hours of leading & directing projects and 35 hours of Project Management education
• Four-year degree with 4,500 hours of leading & directing program and 35 hours of Project Management education

The helps you in making decisions about minimizing the uncertainty and controlling risk, the roles, and responsibilities of a Project Manager extend much more. Take the required course and training to gain the required professional development units (PDs). The PMP Certification cost is:

• For members: US$ 405.
• For non-Members: US$ 555.

There are various benefits in opting Project Manager as a career option:

• New & better efficiency in delivering services.
• Improved and enhanced client’s satisfaction.
• Better flexibilities.
• PMP Certification salary increases.
• Massive growth and development, etc.

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