5 Ways to boost concentration during your PMP Exam prep


Staying concentrated during your PMP Exam prep can be extremely challenging. It is quite difficult to maintain the same level of dedication that is required to get the most out of your training. Since your time is of utmost importance, you need to work your way between commitments, family time, chores, social aspect and personal time. To help you boost your concentration levels, below-mentioned are few

Tips to help you stay focused throughout your PMP Exam prep



Developing and enforcing good study patterns. Create a research strategy and decide how you will approach the content, how long you plan to spend on each segment, and include in each segment the objectives you want to accomplish.  Not only will it help you prepare, but it will also allow you to stay motivated and focused on your goals.  This is the less-known secret to maximizing resources.  Staying in a certain schedule and having breaks not only allows you to stay focused but also encourages you to experience essential mental breaks that are required to avoid ending up exhausted.


The key is to find the best place for you. Everyone is different and different conditions or structures may not fit for others, but they work for you and vice versa. Some like noises from white noise and others don’t. Many may like to work at home, some need to withdraw absolutely from a library or school. Others like to study in a school, and some people like to go by themselves. Find and stick to what works for you. Make sure that you have a dedicated space, a comfortable chair, table, and luminous lighting, regardless of the location you choose. Avoid all distractions, especially electronics, including a TV, and switch off your smartphone.


If you have a rough patch and find it difficult to get through, build some opportunities that allow you to stay focused and inspired. Build some personal rewards to achieve or accomplish a certain degree of achievement. Some minor rewards like a 30-minute TV break, a special dessert or a glimpse at your texts can be your bonuses.


Make sure that you apply variety, to your course of study. You must focus every hour on different subjects. It induces forbearance that you want to stop. Consider each segment you cover for various activities or exercises. Writing study questions or reviews is perfect for checking yourself individually. This will help you grab project management concepts more effectively and efficiently.


You must practice the exercises and models and don’t go where you figured you should, by working on the positive, stop discouragement. Consider this setback and see it as a learning experience. Figure out the points of vulnerability to try to determine why you lack in them. Didn’t you cover the subject in your PMP training, did you lose concentration, have trouble understanding the content? Test your study habits and condition carefully. Find certain gaps and determine the solution for the next situation.

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