Introduction to the new PMP Online Exam

Given the chaotic and rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations across the globe seem to be doing their best to offer their products and services with minimal interruptions.

Since all Pearson VUE test centers were closed owing to a pandemic in the US, Canada, and several other countries, PMI was focused on alternatives to deliver the PMP exam online.

PMI President, Sunil Prashara, announced in a LinkedIn article that he wrote in March that – PMI is preparing to deliver the PMP exam online by mid-April through webcam proctoring. As of 14 April 2020, PMI has officially announced that candidates planning to take on the PMP Certification can schedule to take the PMP exam online.

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The online proctoring experience will be quite similar to the in-person option, but with a few additional advantages. You will be required to use your internet-connected PC or laptop to take the PMP certification exam from home. An in-person PMP exam involves having an appropriate PMP examination schedule in a Pearson VUE test center. However, in the case of an online proctoring option, you will be able to take your PMP exam whenever you choose to.

Below are some new details that you need to be aware of:

  1. Both, Online PMP test as well as Center Based testing now have a built-in 10-minute break in the examination process.
  2. The four-hour exam is now divided into two parts.
  3. Once candidates complete the first part of the exam (2 hours), their 10-minute break starts.
  4. They can leave the room for refreshment but they cannot revisit questions from the first part of the exam.
  5. Candidates cannot start the second part of the exam until after the 10-minute break.
  6. Candidates must keep track of their 10 minutes. If candidates do not return within the allotted 10-minute break, their exam session will be terminated.
  7. At the end of the break, candidates will be checked in by their proctor and will finish the second and final part of the examination.

With the introduction of the online proctoring option – PMI offers incredible flexibility. Education Edge firmly recommends you to effectively prepare, and invest in yourself during such a crisis. The above-mentioned information should guide you in your PMP exam prep strategy.

For more information and FAQs regarding the new PMP exam online, you can visit the official PMI website .

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