What are the eligibility criteria for CAPM Certification?


The Project Management Institute offers the Certified Associate in Project Management or the CAPM Certification. For project managers to increase their performance, it is regarded as a significant entry-level credential. This project management credential is globally recognized, targeted at professionals, and is applicable across the globe.

This credential provides an excellent validation of the commitment of a project manager to succeed at work and guarantees a strong base for entities in project management fundamentals. This credential not only helps enhance professional growth, but it also ranks on the list of the world’s highest-paying credentials. It is not built with a particular industry in view and the wide variety of options are further benefits.

Eligibility Requirements for CAPM

The crucial part now comes-who is eligible for this certification and how would you know whether you can apply? The requirements here are two types of scenarios:

Scenario 1

You need to have a ‘Secondary diploma’ or its equivalent globally.
Professional experience of 1,500 hours.
The professional experience should be preferably on a project team.

Scenario 2

Secondary or a high school diploma.
Formal education amounting to 23 contact-hours.
Education hours relate to academic research in the area of management.

These are two separate qualifying criteria that provide all candidates with real work experience or candidates with no experience whatsoever. A high school diploma is the minimum college degree required and provides those with no formal education a chance to create a better future. When applying, ensure that at least one or all qualifying requirements are met so that the request is not rejected.

The registered educational provider – PMI or a project management institution offers the CAPM Certification. This is a PMI program for people who have little to no project experience, a globally recognized certification. Project managers globally will receive recognition of their accomplishments and validate skills to build resources for networking and community work due to their internationally recognized credentials.

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