The Value of Agile Certification Canada

value of Agile certification Canada

Agile certification Canada or PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI ACP) is one of the most lucrative and advantageous qualifications for a successful Project Manager. Today, agile is no longer restricted to the software development industry, but is also widely practiced among industries such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, and many others. This blog discusses the reason agile is utilized by almost all major organizations in Canada and the world. It further highlights why an Agile Certification in Canada is the key to a plethora of job opportunities not just at the present but also in the future.

Why did agile gain popularity and utility?

Disruptive technology, enabled through the transition to cloud computing, has drastically changed the playing field by reducing the entry barriers. Larger organizations and companies are extremely complex. Moreover, due to their size and complexity, they are also extremely slow to innovate. As a result, they are unable to deliver new solutions as rapidly as smaller start-ups. These organizations have to constantly compete with budding small scale start-ups that are able to deliver the solutions to the customers rapidly. This is the core reason why large companies and organizations in Canada now adopt an agile mindset. Agile certification Canada helps a company to stay competitive and maintain its existing market share, irrespective of its scale and complexity.

Definable work and High-Uncertainty work.

Projects are a mix of both definable and high-uncertainty work. Projects with definable work are the ones that have clear procedures that are proven successful in similar previous projects. For example, productions of cars, houses, home appliances are projects with definable work. Most of the planning including the design, production, processes are done before. There are very few instances of risk and uncertainty and most of the changes are controlled through the change request method.

Projects involving high-uncertainty work have an increased rate of risk and complexity. Projects in the field of software systems, healthcare, engineering, product designers, involve high-uncertainty work. Agile Certification Canada such as PMI-ACP explore feasibility in short and quick cycles that are able to rapidly adapt as per feedback and evaluation.

4 Values and 12 Principles of Agile.

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The four values of Agile are:
  • Prioritization of customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Valuing people and interactions over tools and processes
  • Preference of a working software over documentations
  • Responsive to change rather than following a plan.
12 principles of Agile
  • Customer satisfaction is the highest priority and is achieved through constant efficient delivery
  • Welcome constantly changing customer needs even late in the development process.
  • Deliver frequently, every couple of weeks or months
  • Daily collaboration of business people and developers throughout the duration of the project
  • Developing projects around motivated individuals. Creating a productive and supportive environment and trusting them to get the job done.
  • Prioritizing face-to-face conversations as the most efficient method to convey information to and within a development team in a project
  • The primary measure of progress is an efficient working software or product
  • Promotion of development that is sustainable. Agile processes facilitate the sponsors, developers, and users to maintain a constant pace in the longer run.
  • Striving for perpetual technical excellence and a good design
  • Focusing on simplicity-maximizing the amount of work not done is extremely important
  • Self-organizing teams are essential for best architectures, requirements, and designs
  • The team reflects on improving efficiency at regular intervals and modifies its behavior accordingly.

These values and principles define an agile approach and all the agile methodologies share common factors with the agile mindset and approach.

Top reasons why Agile certification in Canada is in high-demand

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  • Rapid incorporation of customer’s feedback. Since, agile focuses on smaller tasks with constant scope to change, it quickly adapts to the constantly changing requirements of the customer.
  • One of the major reasons almost all organizations adopt agile is because it focuses on teamwork. Agile builds an efficient, and productive team that is self organizing. Moreover, it focuses on effective and constant communication among the team members through daily stand-up meetings. This is also one of the reasons why agile projects have a significantly higher success rate.
  • Agile demonstrates the team the use of tools to enhance their productivity and ability. This is another reason why Agile certification Canada is extremely popular among organizations. 
  • Agile certification also helps project managers to increase the productivity of their team. Since the team can constantly see progress and deliverables, they are perpetually motivated and driven.
  • Agile thrives in change. In a rapidly changing environment, adopting an agile mindset not only increases the productivity of a project, but also increases its chances of success

Value of Agile Certification in Canada

The PMI ACP certification equips you with an agile mindset and methodology. It prepares you to thrive in change, creating an extremely productive team that is result and success driven. As a result, agile certification Canada exponentially increases your value as a project professional. It opens new job opportunities and higher wages. Once you become an Agile Certified Professional, you automatically become in-demand.

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