Simple Steps – filling the PMP Application


PMP Application

Step 1. Enter on the browser and click register


Step 2: Fill in the profile based information this is basic information for profile creation. Use guidelines from the screenshot attached. This section is not critical so if you do not know what to choose, select the option that has been selected in the screenshot attached. Please do not overthink!!

Once done click the tab Create Account


Step 3: Once you click on Create Account you will be taken to a new page as shown below, here you must click on Go to PMI Home Page (as you see on the screen shot below)

Step 4: Once you Click on Go to PMI Home Page, you will be directed to a new page. Click on the Certification Page -> Certification Type -> Project Management Professional (PMP) as shown in the screen shot below:

Step 5: Start with filling your Education. There are 2 section in it namely Academic Education and Professional Education.

Under Academic Education Provide the highest level of Education.

Please note:

If you do not have bachelor’s degree you will need to provide 60 months of experience

If you have bachelor’s you will report 36 months of work experience.

Under Professional Education provide details around your PMP Education with Education Edge Canada as details provided as part of your PMP Prep session

Step 6. Once the Education Section is completed, click on Continue to Experience at the bottom of the page in the previous screen shot.

Start entering the PM experience and use the content below:

Step 7: Now enter another project detail. Ensure that you are not entering overlapping project experience. For example, in the above screen shot, the project duration is May 2018 – June 2020, the next project duration can be Feb 2017 – April 2018. For some who has a bachelor’s this will be sufficient, however folks who do not have bachelor’s will need to enter one more project. Let’s say  from Oct 2014 – Dec 2017 or fulfill the 60 months requirement.

As in this case as the applicant has a bachelor’s the Experinece Summary on right shows 36 months and is green coloured. So all is done with experience.


Step 8: Click on Continue to Exam Details

Step 9. You will be directed to a new page and here go over the page and validate and accept the term and conditions. If you need Special Accomodation, click yes or select No. Finally Submit the application.

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