5 Benefits of Network Diagrams you need to know


The major output of Project Time Management’s Sequence Activities process is a Network Diagram. So what is a Network Diagram? The function is described in your PMP Exam prep as “visualizing project tasks in boxes with activity IDs and demonstrating the interrelationship between arrow activities.” Network diagrams say how an activity starts with another activity before, after, or at the same time.

What are the benefits of Network Diagrams?

  • Network Diagrams tend to explain the project time estimation. Because a project’s network diagram illustrates how activities interrelate with each other from project start to completion, estimating the total project duration would be quite beneficial. Once the project ‘s critical path is established, the events on the critical path would show us the overall project duration, respectively.
  • Network Diagrams help to plan, organize and control. Since all project activities are seen sequentially with relevant interrelationships, a project’s network diagram can support project manager and team during planning and organizing. During project execution, network diagram can also be helpful as it is a glimpse of the project activities related to the dependencies.
  • Network Diagrams display the workflow of the project activities. So, a project manager should learn the activity sequence. After a certain point in the project, what has been accomplished and the remaining activities and their interdependencies with each other will be simpler to see in the network diagram.
  • Network diagrams describe possibilities for schedule compression. In a project you might need to reduce the duration of the remaining activities. It can be because the project is lagging behind schedule and you need to compress the timeline to complete the project on time. In that case, as network diagrams display the sequence of the activities and durations, thinking on how to compress the remaining activities in the project will be easier.
  • Network diagrams display progress on the project. Since it showcases the order of activities in a project and the complete direction from project start to end, it is a good instrument to determine the progress of the project.

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