Project Manager Jobs: Which One Best Fits Your Career?

Are you an experienced worker wishing to change careers, or are you hoping to be a project manager? Then, PMP jobs are right for you. However, there is a great demand for project managers in Canada. Currently, there are more than 11,000 project manager jobs open in Canada. 

It’s crucial to understand each of the project manager jobs that are available and determine which one best suits your skills and professional objectives. Hence, to make your work easy we have bought this informative blog that will help you to find the appropriate project manager jobs that suit your skill. READ ON!

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Project Manager Jobs

There are some popular Project manager jobs such as Health Innovation Project Manager, IT Project Manager, Software Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Senior IT Project Manager and so on. 

Here are the list of project manager jobs with their average salaries:

Project Manager JobsAverage Salary (Annually)
Health Innovation Project Manager$69,820 to $90,766 
IT Project Manager$111,923 to $126,327
Software Project Manager$101,177 to $130,752
Senior Project Manager$80,516 to $94,088
Senior IT Project Manager$80,000 to $130,400 
Senior Project Services Manager$114,100 to $171,100 
Junior Project Manager$66,484 to $92,950 
1. Health Innovation Project Manager:

A Health Innovation Project Manager is a healthcare professional that works in managing and organizing initiatives including innovative solutions, technologies, or processes. This function plays an important role in pushing healthcare organizations forward, improving patient care, and increasing operational efficiency.

Average Salary of health innovation project manager is approx $69,820 to $90,766 

2. IT Project Manager:

An information technology (IT) project manager is an expert who plans and executes projects to assist organizations achieve their IT goals. IT project managers can manage projects to implement new software solutions, scale IT processes, or move cloud providers for a company.

Average Salary of IT project manager is approx $111,923 to $126,327

3. Software Project Manager:

Software project managers are responsible for software and online project planning, scheduling, budgeting, execution, and delivery. They oversee the employees working on the projects and ensure all software projects are completed successfully.

Average Salary of software project manager is approx $101,177 to $130,752

4. Senior Project Manager:

A senior project manager is frequently considered to be a more experienced project manager. They are given more difficult and important jobs to complete, and they may be given command of numerous projects together. 

Average Salary of senior project manager is approx $80,516 to $94,088

5. Senior IT Project Manager:

A senior IT project manager is an experienced employee of the information technology (IT) industry who serves in a role of leadership and holds the role of organizing, managing, and supervising challenging IT projects inside an organization. 

Hence, this position is essential for ensuring the successful delivery of IT initiatives, which frequently involve the implementation of new technology, system updates, or software development, and for coordinating these initiatives with the larger business goals.

Average Salary of senior IT project manager is approx $80,000 to $130,400

6. Senior Project Services Manager:

A Senior Project Services Manager is a highly capable person who manages project services for a business. This position can involve leading a group of individuals tasked with providing a broad range of services relating to project management, support, and coordination. 

Average Salary of senior project service manager is approx $114,100 to $171,100

7. Junior Project Manager:

Junior project managers supervise and direct the tasks of employees under their direction to ensure that projects are finished on time. These professionals frequently work under the direction of project managers with more expertise due to their limited job experience.

Average Salary of junior project manager is approx $66,484 to $92,950 

Which One Best Fits Your Career?

Project managers jobs provide multiple options, a clear and ongoing career path, and the opportunity to have a big impact on organizations and society. Individuals that are organized, adaptive, and passionate about delivering change have success in the project profession. Hence, Project managers receive an average compensation of $47,500, making it a financially attractive profession.

Therefore, it depends entirely on your skills and interests as to which field you wish to pursue a career as a project manager. It is beneficial for your professional progress if your skills fit the job profile. So, choose it calmly and wisely!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What qualifications do I require in order to become a project manager?

ANS: A bachelor’s degree in a similar field and pertinent experience are often necessary for becoming a project manager. Your opportunities may also be improved by certifications like the PMP (Project Management Professional).

2. Is the field of project management growing?

ANS: Yes, project management continues to grow in many industries as businesses realize the value of successful project execution.

3. What is the average salary of project managers?

ANS: The average salary of a project manager ranges between $80,516 to $94,088. 

4. Which sectors hire project managers?

ANS: Many different industries, including IT, construction, healthcare, marketing, finance, and consulting, are in need of project managers.

5. Is it possible for me to transition from one type of project manager role to another?

ANS: Yes, with the correct training and experience, it is possible to move from one project manager role to another. 

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