Project Management Institute Membership: A Career Investment


Do you plan to obtain the PMP certification? So, why don’t you get a PMI membership? There are several benefits of having a PMP certification. Receiving a PMI membership provides you with a number of benefits that will assist you in managing your PMP journey with ease. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s most prominent project management organization, with over 500,000 global members and more than 300 local chapters worldwide. Here we will mention why project management institute membership is a career investment for you.

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Project Management Institute Membership

Project Management Institute (PMI) offers membership to that individuals who are interested in project management, it doesn’t matter whether you have experience or expertise in the related field. Individuals can get PMI membership with several benefits, networking opportunities, and professional development support.

PMI Membership Types

Project Management Institute provides three types of membership options: 

1. Individual membership

2. Student membership

3. Retiree membership

Individual Membership:

Individual membership is $129 initially, plus a $10 registration charge. Once a member, annual membership renewal costs $129 per year.

Student Membership: 

Student membership is available to current students with appropriate identification. The initial cost of student membership is $32, plus a $10 registration charge. Annual renewals are $32.

Retiree Membership:

Did you leave your active job? If you have been a PMI member for at least five years, you can renew your membership for $65 per year.

Why is Project Management Institute Membership a Good Investment in Your Career?

Here are some reasons why PMI membership is worth it:

1. Develop New Skills

PMP certification will need you to brush up on your project management skills. Furthermore, the exam will most likely introduce you to new concepts and ideas that you can apply in your daily work. 

2. Accepted Around the World

PMP certification is widely accepted and regarded throughout the world. This accreditation can help you advance in your profession regardless of where you live or work. 

3. Improve Your Project Management Skills

You can become a better project manager by obtaining the information and abilities necessary for PMP certification. This may result in better project results and greater job satisfaction.  

4. Better Pay than Non-Certified Project Managers

PMP-certified project managers earn more than non-certified colleagues. PMP holders earn 20% more than non-certified project managers on average. 

5. Increases The Worth of Your Resume

PMP advantages include increasing the worth of your resume and making you more appealing to potential companies. Certification can also give you an advantage over other candidates when looking for jobs. 

6. Validates Your Commitment to The Job

Earning your PMP certification reflects your dedication to the project management profession. This can be useful while looking for new jobs or promotions. 

7. Enhances Professional Network

You will get access to a network of other qualified professionals as a PMP-certified individual. It can be beneficial for networking and career development. 

Project Management Institute Membership Renewal 

One of the most prevalent questions is how long the PMI membership cycle lasts. Your PMI membership is valid for one year from the date of activation. You can check your membership status in your My PMI profile on and renew it as soon as 90 days before it expires.

You can renew your Project Management Institute Membership automatically by accepting the automatic renewal terms and conditions on the payment screen. However, you can disable this function and renew your membership each year by phone, mail, or online.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is PMP Certification Still Valuable in 2023?

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), certified project managers earn 20% more than non-certified project managers. PMP certification is not for everyone due to the relatively high cost and time commitment required. However, if you are considering a career in this industry, PMP certification has advantages and is beneficial.

Who is eligible for PMP certification?

To qualify for the PMP certification, you must have an undergraduate degree or global equivalent and four years of project management experience. It will also require 60 PDUs, which can be obtained upon completion if desired.

Is PMP certification enough to secure a job?

The PMP certification will not guarantee you a job, but it will make you a more appealing applicant. It also demonstrates your dedication to your job and willingness to invest in your own professional development. As a result, businesses are more likely to consider your application and offer you an interview.

How long does the PMP course last?

To be eligible for the PMP certification, you must complete 35 hours of Project Management Training. If you have an active CAPM Certification, these criteria are met. PMP Training programs include 35 hours of training.

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