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Education Edge is a leader in professional education and carries out its mission to deliver excellence with pride and focus on the future. Our leadership in administration, faculty, and staff makes our mission come alive every day. With an enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, Education Edge offers unparalleled experiences across a broad spectrum of professional courses. Education Edge is a story of enablement, growth and seizing opportunity in the education space. Our brand is unique in many ways with one and only goal – deliver education and consulting services with highest quality without steering away from core values and ethics. The foundation of our services are based on adoption of best practices not mere learning. Our partnerships and alignments are built on long term relationships which has led to almost all our students return for advice, additional capabilities and numerous referrals.

Since 2005 Education Edge has provided project management, business analysis and QA training that turns the complexity of industry standards into practical application. Instead of covering a broad body of knowledge, our courses are laser-focused for business analysts, project managers, and process analysts. We don’t rely on traditional academic or rote learning methods, but offer classes that are practical and engaging. Rather than deliver unimaginative lectures, our instructors facilitate classes using interactive case studies that energize students to learn… and motivate them to perform.
Our Motto: Inspiration meets perspiration … here. Head meets heart …

What we do Best

We teach that the real measure of success is what you do to improve the lives of others, and they learn to be hard-working leaders with a global perspective. We conduct research to improve lives. We add millions to the economy by developing skilled force and executing projects in our state and beyond. We help communities by sharing our faculty expertise and research.
We support students in many ways, including advising and counseling services while in a course with us and further into professional career. Our network of more than 2000 alumni is accessible to students when they want advice and to learn about job networking and mentor opportunities as well as what to expect in the future.


The foundation of Education Edge is based on delivering learning in a simplified form directed with a clear aim of realizing only success. In the early days of Education Edge, our specialization was delivering PMP. The origination of the idea came of out of my struggles with finding PMP preparation institute. After completing my PMP with Proficient in all Process Groups and with mostly self-learning, I knew that my goal was to establish a professional education campus that will deliver excellence and provide success to each person who trusted us. With my management consulting experience in Portfolio and Program Management, I decided to develop my own course, a course that will deliver value to students. With my own PMP Preparation experience, I knew it will not be a boot camp. How could any institute or instructor cram in over 500 pages of PMBOK in 4-5 sessions? And how could someone retain all this content considering the complexity of the exam?
Our PMP course is based on progressive and milestone based learning mechanism and ensuring all the participants stay focused and motivated thorough out the 8 weeks program. With the success of PMP course, I have introduced the same mechanism to design the business analysis as well as Quality Assurance programs. In last few years we created a unique space in project management as well as business analysis.
I feel that we have a need for more institute that provide integrity in training and uphold highest standards built towards ensuring success of the students not their own business models. Education must be for enablement, it should simpler, easier and faster.
My success as an educator came out of learning, continuous improvement, accountability and consistent delivery of knowledge that is easy to apply. The goal is to continue doing it without steering away from an end goal of helping people achieve their dreams.
In the end, Pablo Picasso once said “everything that you can imagine is real” but a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. I have come to believe that to transform your career, you need a partner. One who brings you new and innovative ideas every day. A partner with deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities. A partner who works shoulder to shoulder with you to help you reach the next level of performance. With expertise and over 40 industry designations within my core team, Education Edge is that partner.

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