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Education Edge is a management consulting firm that provides advisory services customized to address strategy, process, and project management needs to leading firms across North America. Our functional practice areas include strategy, process, project management, leadership development, research and analytics, and implementation support among a range of various other consulting services.

You’re driven, you’re motivated. You are looking for an opportunity to be part of something great that will build upon your strengths and experience to enhance your career.
Do you dive in with an organization that is looking to make its mark in the industry, or do you choose to go with a tried and true company, one that is recognized for its ability to deliver and get the job done? Education Edge is a perfect combination of those two worlds – an organization teeming with eager professionals that is able to leverage years of continued success. With this comprehensive group, we have everything it takes to be one of the best consulting firm in the country – great clients, superior products and services, and talented people just like you.

At our core is a commitment to our employees. We aim to be a company where everyone can contribute to our team’s success while achieving personal goals. We work hard to create opportunities for our employees to develop and grow into future leaders of our organization. Our company is known as a great place to work and we invite you to take a closer look at Education Edge. We are confident that our unique position and dynamic team will provide you with opportunities that you will not find elsewhere. Education Edge is an organization that you will be proud to have on your resume and the experience you gain here will lay the foundation for the rest of your career.


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