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One of the critical milestone in PMP Certification Training is completing the PMP Application. I strongly advice that we do this in the first week itself of the PMP Certification Training which in turn will help in goal setting and building a roadmap for PMP Certification.
Remember our goal – PMP CERTIFIED ideally in next 2-3 months.
Below are some of the best practices and guidelines for filling up the PMP application. We must use the best practices listed below so that our applications  remain within the quality threshold  thus resulting in an easy approval. Ideally we must complete our PMP Appication while being in the PMP Certification Training Course itself.

Please bear in mind that Application Approval at times is separate from Audit. Your application may still be audited as application may get marked for Audit when payments are made for the exam, which is the second step after approval (selection of applications for audit is random and is done to maintain quality in the application process). PMI audit process is simple and you will just need to provide some additional information in case your application is selected for Audit. Misrepresentation of education in PMP Certification Application is something that PMI takes very seriously, so kindly provide education details for which you have supporting documentation as the copies of those details are required to be furnished in case of an audit.
Guidelines for filling the application:
1. Click the link to start your application –
2. First few sections are simple as you are required to provide profile based information.
3. The critical section in the application is where you provide project based information.
Please provide only a line about the purpose of the the project.
It does not matter what your project is, what matters to PMI is that if your responsibilities are well aligned with the role of a project manager.
Use the following blurb as a part of your project descriptionin your PMP Certification Application (considering you have only 500 characters, having all the key words listed below is critical).
Your role – Project Lead /Manager, Project Engineer / Project Lead, Development Lead / Project Consultant, Qa Lead / Project Lead, Project Coordinator
(Important – Please ensure that you align your role with Project related designation by using “/”
Below is the Content that you must use as a part of your project description section.
  1. The purpose of the project was ——————-. I was accountable for end to end execution of the project.
  2. Developed the Idea creation, project charter & Project Mgmt. Plan along with subsidiary plans.
  3. Identified and manged stakeholders, budget, resources, change request & change management. Facilitated resolution of issues & risks & provided status to PMO.
  4. Delivered the project within scope, time and budget & ensured successful transition with lesson learned.
4. Have 3 projects, similar to the application attached for your reference. Please do not overlap the timelines of your project. Steer away from entering just one project or showing you are a part of the program.
Based on the historical data, PMI does not seem to like Program content in project management application.
5. The application is simple. however does require around 2 hours to complete. When Dave and I usually fill up any such application, we tend to block some time in our calendars and get it done in one sitting. A library or a Coffee Shop are some ideal places that you may use to fill up my application.
6. This is a project management certification and your role must align with it. Please use Project Lead or Project Manager or Sr. Project Manager for your role. If you are a test lead, I will fill up the Role Column as Project Lead / Test Manager.
7. The best practice around allocating hours to various process groups or phases is as follows. Try to keep your hours within the range provided below.
Initiating – 10% – 12% of your project Duration
Planning – 15% – 25% of your project Duration
Executing – 25% – 40% of your project Duration
Monitoring and Controlling – 15% – 25% of your project Duration
Closing – 5% – 10% of your project Duration
8. Ideally around 1700 hours should be logged for a year. For example you can log 3 non-overlapping projects as follows considering you have an undergrad
Project 1 (most recent): Oct 2016 – March 2018 – 2500 hours
Your role: whatever you do / Project lead or Project Manager / Project Engineer / Sr. Project Consultant
Use Bullet 3 to fill up the responsibilities
Use Bullet 7 to break down the hours (in this case 2500 hours for the most recent project based on the ranged provided above), in this example you will be breaking down your 2500 hours as follows:
  • Initiating: 300 hours
  • Planning: 400 hours
  • Executing (bulk of your reporting upto 40% can be here, in construction projects you can even push it to 50%): 1150 hours
  • Monitoring and Controlling: 450 hours
  • Closing: 200
Project 2: July 2015 – Aug 2016 – 1800 Hours
Project 3: Feb 2014 – June 2015 – 1400 Hours
Note that: In this example, I logged my hours in a manner that I surpassed the minimum requirement of 4500 hours (5700 hours). Your application must be designed in this manner. Kindly use the above instructions as-is to build a high quality application.
9. At the end there is a section for Education in the application and the following information can be entered.
Education Provider – Education Edge Canada
Course Name – PMP Exam Prep
Hours – 40
Course Duration –  
Start filling up the PMP Certification Application now and get it done with. 
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