PMP Certification Training – PMP Application Profile creation (Action Required)

One of the critical milestone in the PMP Certification Training is completing the PMP Application. I strongly advice that we start doing this from the first week itself which in turn will help in goal setting and building an achievable roadmap for PMP Certification.

Remember our goal – PMP CERTIFIED ideally in next 2-3 months
The task today as a part of the PMP certifcation Training will be to create a profile at Click on the link below and set up your account using an email and a password.
Now that you are in flow, why not set up basic information till you education.
We will fill up the some other contents of the application next week and by third week, by using a simple progressive elaboration techinique we will be all done for a review with Dave Odigie or Hemant Dhariyal.
Go to:






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