Major reasons for failing the PMP Certification exam


One of the toughest ones to crack is the project management certification test. Most people fail the PMP test, but I don’t expect this to happen to you. If you are in that scenario, you will then have to wait a year before the last test date before you can apply again for the PMP Certification. Over the years, I have found several reasons for someone to continue failing the test. Yet, and as difficult as it can be to learn that, you have to understand that you are part of the problem if it happens to you! You’re taking the exam because you can’t do it, and since many other individuals can do it every year, you should bear some blame.

Nonetheless, PMI found this assessment incredibly difficult and they proved that you took the test seriously, have your PMP qualifications and stand out from your peers by taking the assessment several times. The test will still clear you out.

6 Reasons for exam failure

1. You are having difficulty understanding the concepts of the exam.

Perhaps the reason for the failure of the test is simply because you do not understand the concepts mentioned in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide, or because you have not properly fallen into the preparation of your PMP exam. While you might have studied it many times, you just couldn’t think it necessary to use the principles to clear the review for some reason.

2. The exam pressure is too high!

Many students are familiar with the material, have the skills and have trained well. But then, they somehow end up blank on the test day. For them, the pressure is too high and they can not cope with such force.

3. English might not be your first language.

I have to admit that when I took the test, I had trouble understanding the various PMI terms and meanings that were so new to me.

4. The distractions are too hard to deal with.

The examination rooms are not only used for PMP tests, so other distractions can occur and people come in and out. The most extreme case I know is a student who reported that when she was studying, a cleaner came into the exam room and washed her computer. Of course, that’s unusual! Nonetheless, you should be able to recover easily from any form of distraction during the test.

5. Failed to solve mock tests.

Unfortunately, some of the applicants did not listen to any advice and decided to take the PMP exam several times before signing up for a mock test and a PMP exam simulator. Solving mock assessments and using simulators will certainly assist you in the examination to perform better.

6. You lack confidence.

After the test has failed several times, it is not unusual for anyone to lose confidence in their capacity to succeed. With a dedicated PMI or IIBA Certification exam prep, you can easily split each professional qualification test. Often I see this-learners do not trust themselves anymore.

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