Is getting PMP Certified worth the hard work?


The PMP Certification offered by the PMI, has significantly increased its relevance for the requirement of project management related tasks for an organization. The qualification is considered as an investment and asset for your future and a serious lot of studies and preparation must be completed to achieve this prestigious credential. So is really worth, all the hard work and hours you put into it?

Here are a few perks of getting PMP Certified –

  • The PMP certification extends to a variety of fields, be it finance, communications, infrastructure, or research. The credential helps the holder with running projects, which in exchange offers them a strategic advantage over the competitors.
  • As the PMP course focuses on the candidate’s basic skills and knowledge in project management, it also enhances skills and helps to bring efficiency to multiple processes in the same field.
  • It is estimated that the PMP Certification holders can have 35% better job prospects on the market compared to the rest of the non-certified competitions. Thus the better employment opportunities.
  • The certification is also highly demanded, and globally recognized. Majority of the  organizations seek professionally certified employees who can help them bring expertise into their projects.
  • The most significant advantage everyone search for is wage. A certification holder receives a massive salary hike of 23% above the average non-certified individual’s pay rate.

The main reason for the high market demand is due to the acceptance of PMP certification in nearly every field in the world. Project managers are responsible for organizing skilled workers into teams, developing and encouraging the completion of all projects, all in order to meet the goals of an organization.

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