What is Certified Risk Management Professional?

Certified Risk Management Professional

What is PMI RMP?

PMI RMP is a certified Risk management professional which enhances your ability to identify and evaluate project risks, decrease threats and capitalize on opportunities. In this ability, a person can enhance and protect the needs of the organization, which is a great achievement. To get a PMI RMP certification, a risk management professional must meet certain requirements and pass the 170 multiple choice questions exam. PMI RMP is apart from being professionals and brings extra credits to your organization.

Certified Risk Management Professional credential holders can be confident that their professional credential has been developed according to best practices of test development and based upon input from the practitioners who establish those standards. 

Exam Content Outline of Certified Risk Management Professional

This table indicates the proportion of questions from each domain that will be asked on the examination. All these percentages are used to determine the number of questions related to each and every domain and task that should appear on the MCQs format examination.

Note: Exact number and percentage may vary by form.

S No. Domain % of Items On Test


Risk strategy and Planning

22 Percent


Risk Identification

23 Percent


Risk Analysis

23 Percent


Risk Response

13 Percent


Monitor and Close Risks

19 Percent



100 Percent

What are the benefits of Certified Risk Management Professional (PMI RMP)?

  • Certified risk management professional (PMI RMP) will improve the project success rate in which you can manage the risk that occurs in the organization and gives you the ability to identify and assess risks, make the threats less severe and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Certified risk management professional helps the organization from top to bottom, it is always involved in identifying, evaluating, responding to risks, and monitoring risks. 
  • Certified risk management professional will increase your career opportunities, the more you have an additional certification for project managers the more and wider range of opportunities you have in future. 
  • Certified risk management professional helps in boosting the knowledge and expertise that means the more time you invest in yourselves the more you get the knowledge. RMP also helps people learn practical tips, tools and techniques.

How to Start the certified risk management professional process.

  1. Aspirants have to check out the risk management professional exam content outline because to be eligible for it, aspirants must meet certain educational and professional experience requirements.
  2. Aspirants have to determine the resources that they wanted to use and what the books and course they will use
  3. Aspirants have to develop a study plan when they want to study each week? And will they prepare alone or with a study group?

Certified risk management professional Exam details

This certification exam has 170 multiple choice questions and has 3.5 hours to complete it. Aspirants must earn 30 professional development units in risk management topics every 3 years. The price of the RMP certification is for Members Rs. 30,120 and for Non Members Rs 51,744.

Requirements of Certified Risk Management Professional

Secondary degree in any high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent.

Aspirants have 4,500 hours of project risk management experience

Aspirants should have 40 hours of project risk management education


Aspirants have 4 years of bachelor’s degree

Aspirants have 3,000 hours of project risk management experience

Aspirants have 30 hours of project risk education

Who can Apply for Certified Risk Management Professional?

  • Aspirants who have experience and advanced knowledge in Risk management or if they are a project manager for a particular project risk management including for large projects and complex environments may apply for this course.

How can Education Edge benefit you with your PMI ACP exam?

  • Education Edge can help the aspirants to prepare for the PMI RMP examinations
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