Benefits of PMP Certification: The Fate-Changer!

Project Management Professional certifications are the globally recognized credential and the numerous benefits of PMP certification. The project manager can show their expertise and reach success through these certifications.

Having a PMP certification can offer numerous advantages and it is beneficial for both entry-level and experienced. According to PMI, a PMP-certified professional earns 16% more than a non-certified professionals.

Additionally, it enhances skills, helps to grow as a project manager, increases the value of the resume, and many more. In, this blog we will discuss the PMP and key benefits of PMP certification.

What is PMP Certification?

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized certification that shows you possess the essential skills and knowledge to manage projects successfully. 

It is offered by the Project Management Institute. As per PMI, there are over 1.4 million PMP certification holders worldwide. 

Benefits of PMP Certification

The following are the benefits of PMP certification.

1. Develop New Skills:

Having a PMP certification means acquiring new skills. It will help you to develop project management skills. Additionally, the exam will most likely introduce you to new concepts and ideas that you can apply in your daily work. 

2. Globally Recognized Certification:

PMP certification is widely recognized and respected around the world. Project management certification can help you advance in your profession no matter where you work or live. 

3. Help you Grow as a Project Manager:

Pursuing PMP certification will help you become a better project manager by providing you with knowledge and abilities. These skills help project managers achieve better project outcomes and more job satisfaction.  

4. Increases Salary Potential:

PMP-certified project managers earn more than non-certified people. According to PMI, PMP holders earn 16% more than non-certified project managers. 

5. Show Your Commitment to the Job:

Having a PMP certification shows your commitment to your job and projects. This can be useful while looking for new jobs or promotions. 

6. Increases The Worth of Resume:

PMP benefits include increasing the worth of your resume and making you more appealing to potential companies. Having the accreditation can also provide you an advantage over other candidates when looking for jobs. 

7. Improves Professional Network:

As a PMP-certified, you will get access to a network of other qualified professional experts. Additionally, these networks provide various benefits for career development. 

8. Improve Human Coordination and Collaboration:

One of the most important variables determining a project’s success or failure is teamwork. PMP certification improves communication and leadership abilities as a professional project manager. 

As a PMP-certified project manager, you will have professional risk assessment experience. You will be able to assist teams in identifying and assessing future risks, addressing problems, and seizing opportunities. With this knowledge, you may improve and safeguard your company’s standards.

How is PMP Certification a Fate-Changer?

Here are some reasons why having a PMP certification can change your career.

  • Having PMP certification can provide professionals with a competitive advantage in the job market and lead to higher pay. 
  • PMP certifications help to advance or obtain new positions.
  • It can help individuals stand out from the crowd and showcase their skills. 
  • Finally, PMP certification reflects an individual’s dedication to professional development and quality. 

PMP Certification Requirements

After understanding the benefits of PMP certification, it is important to understand the requirements of PMP certification before you apply.

  • 4-year degree
  • In the past 8 years, you must have leading project experience of at least 36 months
  • 35 hours of project management education or CAPM Certification


  • High or secondary school diploma
  • In the past 8 years, you must have leading project experience of at least 60 months
  • 35 hours of project management education or CAPM Certification

PMP Certification Cost

The PMP certification varies depending on the membership of the PMI. According to PMI, the PMP exam cost of PMI members is $405, while non-PMI members pay $555. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a PMP certification worthwhile?

ANS: Yes, having PMP certification can provide you with various advantages such as
– Enhance skills and knowledge
– Increase earning potential
– Advance your career

2. Is PMP still in demand?

ANS: Yes, PMP is a valuable and demanded certification for project managers and professionals seeking to demonstrate their project management expertise. 

3. Is the PMP certification valid for three years?

ANS: The PMP certification is valid for three years, although it can be renewed or maintained by accumulating 60 professional development units throughout that period.

4. What is the cost of PMP exam fees?

ANS: According to PMI, PMP fees cost for members is $405 and $55 for non-PMI members.

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