Ace the PMP Exam in 6 easy steps!


The Project Management Professional – PMP Exam requires a toolkit brimming with resources to assist you in achieving the certification. When looking for the best study material on the market, there are several choices to explore that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you ace the certification.

  1. Have a Plan. The PMBOK 7 is the key study material for the PMP Exam – and it features a massive course. Make sure to check the calendar, set a date, and establish a study plan around it. It takes around 12-weeks to effectively study for the daunting examination.
  2. Grab the study materials. To assist you with your preparation, you will need to obtain some much-needed study material. Get the PMP Certification exam book and first study it thoroughly. Solve sample questions with the help of other PMP guides and books, as well as the PMP exam prep books. Also, get some flash cards and write down the terms, formulas, and definitions for a quick and easy understanding of the domains.
  3. Join a study group. Find a study group that facilitates a PMP study group in which they can go through each knowledge area, take practice quizzes, and work on tests and quizzes. Look for PMP Certification groups in your area by contacting the local PMI chapter or browsing the internet.
  4. Study as you planned. Take a practice exam and join study groups, then stick to the plan you made in the first step. Work deadlines, social obligations, and study plans must all be balanced. Find time to study the materials and prepare for the certification on a daily basis.
  5. This is the most important step, and it necessitates comprehensive course revision. To grasp the contents, you will need to go through the entire course at least twice. Since the PMP certification syllabus is quite large and requires many reviews and practice to complete, mock tests and flash cards come in handy.
  6. Be self-assured and have a study plan in place. There are two options for taking the exam: online or paper-based. In both cases, there are 200 multiple-choice questions to complete in the 4 hours allotted. And, with a pass rate of 60%, you’ll need to get 138 questions correct to obtain the PMP Certification. During the allotted time, there are no scheduled breaks.

PMI and IIBA certification necessitate thorough training and a strategy for understanding and covering the study material. It is also recommended that you just do not solely rely on the core study guide and instead use mock tests and supplementary guides to support in your preparation. These certification exams can be challenging, and they’re not impossible to ace.

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