7 Highest Paying Jobs for Project Managers in Canada!

As employers face skill shortages, career prospects in Canada offer excellent earning potential over the next five to ten years. Nowadays Corporate Trainers Jobs and project managers jobs in Canada are booming. So, here we will discuss the 7 highest paying jobs for project managers in Canada. 

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Highest Paying Jobs for Project Managers in Canada

The following are the highest-paying Project Manager jobs in Canada: 

1. System Project Manager

A systems project manager is responsible for all aspects of high-value organizing initiatives, as well as taking an active role in their preparation, planning, and execution. This job is accountable for organizing the venture, initiating group tasks, providing regular updates to all partners, and monitoring progress against the work intended to ensure that targets are accomplished.

Typical Compensation: around CAD 90,675 PA

2. Marketing Project Manager

This function is responsible for organizing, completing, and executing tasks related to promotional efforts. This broad vocation necessitates a high level of perspective on several factors, for example, partners, deadlines, and budgets.

Typical Compensation: around  CAD 70,463 PA

3. IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager is a specialist in managing the process of planning, executing, and allocating liabilities around an organization’s data innovation ambitions and objectives. IT project managers may work in a variety of organizations, as virtually all organizations rely on registering developments.

Typical Compensation: around CAD 95,566 PA

4. PMO Manager

Project Management Office (PMO) Managers oversee company initiatives and ensure that they are completed on time and within budget. They also ensure that all of their colleagues uphold the organization’s standards over the course of each project’s activities and implementation. 

Typical Compensation: around CAD 112,449 PA

5. Engineering Project Manager

Engineering project managers apply their knowledge and abilities to develop and coordinate the enhancement of new items, plans, cycles, or contributions. Their responsibilities include driving the innovative work phase of enterprises, creating detailed project designs, and proposing budgets, staffing, and hardware requirements.

Typical Compensation: around CAD 102,755 PA

6. Finance Project Manager

In the financial sector, project managers drive strategic initiatives that enhance efficiency and compliance. Their role in executing financial projects is crucial for the success and growth of financial institutions.

Typical Compensation: around $124,568 PA

7. Electrical Project Manager

An electrical project manager is in charge of directing the plan, achieving a location, and offering electrical frameworks. Every day, you’d make plans, distribute time, assets, and budgets, and supervise workers to ensure work was completed on schedule and to a high standard.

Typical Compensation: around CAD 80,846 PA

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