5-Step strategy to ace the PMP Certification exam


In order to receive the globally renowned project management credential, a good PMP Exam prep is required. Currently the world has more than one million PMP credential holders, and the figures continue to grow. On average it takes about 5-6 months to prepare for the certification exam effectively. There are 5 measures listed below that will help you get the prestigious credential on the first attempt.

What is the 5-Step strategy to ace the PMP Certification exam?

  • Get to know the PMP basics – It is the duty of project managers to oversee projects worth millions and billions of dollars around the world. This includes a powerful understanding of expertise and experience in project management. To receive the certificate, you need to fulfil the prerequisites, qualify through the eligibility criteria, and clear the certification test.
  • Select a training programme for certification – To be able to appear for the test, you need to go through a standardised 35-hour project management preparation. The training curriculum strengthens the comprehension of the principles of project management, and is a definite booster to help you answer the questions in the test.

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  • Collect the content of the report – Looking to quickly clear the qualification exam? All you need to do is understand the concepts mentioned in the guide to PMBOK. It is important to thoroughly read the core study material for the exam, as 70 percent of the questions referenced in the exam come from it.
  • Using software for examinations – Examination tools, such as examination simulators, will give you the speed needed to answer the questions asked in the exam. Solving question papers and mock tests from the previous year will assist you in assessing and focusing on your subject’s poor areas.

The secret is practice – The certification exam cannot be explained without a clear understanding

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