5 Reasons to get PMP Certified in 2021!


Offered by the Project Management Institute – the PMP Certification showcases your skills, knowledge, and expertise in project management, to lead and direct everyday projects or tasks. Being certified also provides you with great opportunities for career progression as a project manager. Below mentioned are certain reasons that justify reasons to get PMP certified

Why do you need a PMP Certification?

  • For starters, the globally-renowned project management credential makes your resume stand out. Project managers with a PMP – are in high demand in the current industry. Having a PMP creates credibility for potential employers, as it helps your resume to stand out from the other applications received for the job vacancy.
  • Credential enhances your knowledge and skills. The PMP Exam prep requires you to build your understanding in domains such as – planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing the project. Since a certified individual has this clarity of concepts and terminology – it helps them to improve the efficiency of a team, and completion of projects.
  • You can demand and earn a comparatively higher salary, than your non-certified counterparts. The PMP boosts your marketability, where it can get you a salary hike up to 23%. Certified project managers are undeniably compensated well for their work. It is amongst the best in the industry.
  • Having acquired the PMP – You can emerge as a winner, in the current demanding market. It is estimated that between 2015 and 2025 20.3 million project management openings across industries such as oil & gas, information services, finance & insurance, constructions, and utilities. A project management certification will help you grab any of these open positions.
  • It is applicable across almost every industry. The knowledge and skills gained through the PMP Training and exam prep can be transferred across industries when it comes to their practical application. It is not limited to any single methodology, standard or organization. The PMP is widely accepted across industries such as manufacturing, IT, and defence, etc.

It is apparent from the above-mentioned benefits that the project management credential can add great value to project managers in their careers.

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